Five Embarrassing Skin Issues You Don’t Have to Fear

Skin can react in some odd ways when it is irritated or encounters something that triggers a reaction. Some of the most common skin conditions are embarrassing enough, but what happens when your skin does something really weird? These hacks can help you avoid embarrassment when your skin does something odd.


Hives are an itchy, red rash that tends to show up on your skin suddenly. Your skin forms hives as a reaction to some sort of stimulus, such as an allergic reaction. In some cases, the hives are localized only to the area in which you were in contact with the allergen. If you’re really allergic, though, the hives might spread over your skin anywhere. The best way to keep hives under control is to figure out what causes hives for you. Know your trigger and you can reduce your outbreaks.

Excess Sweating

Everybody sweats, but have you ever found yourself dealing with sweaty hands or a wet spot in the underarms of your shirt? It’s really common to experience excess sweating, but it’s usually brushed aside as something that is just due to nerves or a room that’s too hot. In reality, excess sweating is a real medical issue and there are things that you can do to help. If you’re always asking yourself, “Why do I sweat so much?” you might be interested in trying SweatBlock. This unique antiperspirant towelette can reduce excessive sweating for up to 7 days with just one application. You can use them at night before you go to bed, so they don’t interfere with your daily grooming routine.


People who experience rosacea look as if they’re blushing continuously. The pattern of the redness rosacea is known for tends to spread over the cheeks and nose. It’s very common if you have rosacea to experience no other symptoms beyond redness, but some people experience pain, itchiness, and bumps. While there are quite a few prescription treatments for rosacea, they don’t work for everyone. Part of this is because there are so many potential causes and there’s not enough data about rosacea’s causes yet. If you’re suffering from rosacea, you might want to try some DIY hacks such as aloe vera gel or even a milk of magnesia mask that you leave on overnight.


Milia, also called milk bumps, are extremely common in babies. They tend to go away on their own, which is good news. When they show up in adults, milia can be a little more stubborn. Milia look a little bit like pimples, but you should never try to pop them. The bumps are made up of excess keratin that builds up in a pore. They usually aren’t painful, but if they are extremely obvious or bother you, you might want to do something about them. The best hack for milia is to make sure you’re cleaning your face thoroughly every day. This helps to slough off excess skin cells and remove as much keratin and other potential pore-blockers as possible.

Cold Sores

You might know cold sores by another name, such as fever blisters. These tiny little sores can create big problems when they show up. Cold sores are caused by a variety of the herpes virus and they react in the same way that shingles and chicken pox do. The rash starts out small and then forms a blister that eventually pops and dries out. The entire process can be painful and since it’s usually right there on your lip, incredibly embarrassing. You can find drugstore solutions for a cold sore. These work especially well if you notice the cold sore forming early. Avoid sharing lip balm with anyone else, but you might find that a coat of lip balm is really helpful in reducing pain and helping the skin heal once the sore has run its course.

Everyone has embarrassing skin issues that they have to deal with every day. The more that you know about these different skin issues, the easier it’s going to be for you to manage them without much hassle.

Ellen Cone