Five Methods of Medicine That Prove Humankind Has Future

The lack of medical support and people dealing with other problems are the main reasons why almost 100 million people died in 1918 from the Spanish flu. Since then, medicine advanced so much and from year to year it is achieving new levels of achievement. Read more about the Spanish flu here.

Today, modern medicine has reached a level of a miracle compared to what used to be 100 years ago. A lot of diseases that used to be a fearful problem in the last century are now completely extinct and others that occurred in the meantime proving to be deadly are now under control. Read on to see some of the most important medical break troughs of today and how medicine evolved.

1. Cancer treatment

Even though people back in the day officially didn’t suffer from cancer as they do today, the facts say that 99% of those diagnosed with cancer in the 20th century were most probably going to die. Cancer was incurable and deadly. It still is, no doubt.

However, research and science did so much to find a cure for it. There’s no official one yet, but the methods and the drugs being used at the moment prove that even cancer is not beatable.

We used to read in the news about famous people losing the battle with it, and now we read on social networks about common people how they won. Cancer is no more deadly if patients are being treated with time and proper methods.

2. Stem-cell therapy

The stem-cell method is a revolution of its own. Doctors insert these cells into the specific part of the body where existing cells are damaged or affected by an injury or a disease. Even age causing problems can be treated with it.

How it works is a miracle too. The stem cells are actually able to divide itself to infinity and to grow in whatever the neighboring cells are. With time, the new healthy cells are becoming dominant and heal the spot where they were injected.

Lots of clinics are using this method today. Everyone can do this and there are no limits. It is not a part of a movie where only the chosen ones are allowed to it. Simply google stem cell Florida and see what the results will show you.

3. HIV lifespan extending

HIV and AIDS are a relatively new disease. When it showed up in the second half of the last century it was scary news for everyone. Death was almost certain for those infected with it.

Today, it is still incurable but scientists invented a cocktail of drugs that are allowing the body to live a normal life and ignore the virus because its effects are downsized to a minimum. People with HIV today can live a normal life without fearing they’ll get the flu and die.

4. Robotic help in all segments

Surgery used to be done by professionals who have a steady and calm hand. One little extra move and the patient could’ve died. Well, not anymore. Today those situations in which the surgeon must be extra precise are done by robots.

For example, treating cataracts and similar eye problems are fixed within minutes by the help of lasers moved by robot arms. The surgeon is actually behind the computer following the whole procedure.

Another part where robots help people have a healthy life is prosthetics. Arms and legs are no more lost forever if there’s a need for their removal sometimes in life. Today, modern medicine is able to literally install robotic arms and legs onto hurt patients letting them continue their life using these limbs. Just look at this link to see how this works:

5. Plastic surgery reached a top-level

Plastic surgery has evolved allowing people to become what they want. If you have in mind the faces of famous actors that went too far with it, please stop. Plastic surgery is important in helping people with real-life problems. Like helping women looking excellent by adding back the breasts they had to remove due to breast cancer.

Almost fatal accidents that caused people’s faces to change significantly is also something that plastic surgery deals with. No one needs to feel abandoned or broken over the fact they suffered sometime in life.