Five Things You Shouldn’t Hear from a Personal Trainer

    Clients should know that there are always times when even the best personal trainers make insensitive comments or silly remarks. Personal trainers are human and it means they are fallible. However, clients may question the credibility of a personal trainer who can’t refrain from making comments that will jeopardize their workouts or the training relationship they share. There might also be the inaccurate statement that may mislead clients and these should always be avoided by anyone in any profession, especially personal trainers.

    If you find yourself making these simple mistakes too often, you can learn how to avoid them by taking a recognised personal training to get you started. Aside from the silly remarks, what are some things that you should never hear from your personal trainer? Let’s take a look.

Here are things that clients shouldn’t hear from a personal trainer:

  1. “Remember, quantity over quality!”: This statement clearly violates the common premise of consistent physical training. A training session is designed to simulate the repetitive functional movements of human body. It’s better if personal trainers focus on instructing clients to do quality repetitions over high amounts of repetitions.
  2. “(Name of fad diet) is a great way for you lose weight”: It is a fact that many people hire personal trainers to control their body weight. However, promoting a fad diet plan is a direct way to ruin a trainer’s credibility. A fad diet is just that, a fad; a fleeting trend that may not provide anything sustainable or substantial. By virtue, personal trainers are not licensed or certified dieticians and although they might have a good idea of what a healthy lifestyle and eating should be like; it’s a big mistake to promote any fad.
  3. “You need to buy (product X) to gain more results: In reality, everyone can get in shape without using any gizmo or gadget. It’s more about realistic goals and a commitment to achieve them. Specialised equipment will help in many situations, but it’s a mistake making clients think that this equipment is an absolute requirement. Clients should be encouraged to invest enough time and effort to get the job done without using specialised, or expensive, equipment or products.
  4. Let me introduce you to this (supplement X): This is not acceptable in most cases and this could be against the code of ethics of the certifying agency. Dietary supplements are often grossly understudied and largely unregulated. In a nutshell, only qualified dieticians, nutritionists and physicians should recommend any supplement.
  5. If you want to get rid of fat on your (part of the body), do these exercises: Spot reduction is a big myth in many cases. Fat loss happens throughout your body and it’s better to focus on the overall reduction of fat. Proper eating and consistent exercise will not only remove excess fat on a particular part of the body, but it will decrease fat on the whole body.

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May Capobianco