Four Things You Should Know about Stem Cell Therapy

It’s important that you understand what exactly stem cell therapy is. It is technique that is used to restore and regenerate cells that have been damaged by diseases. This therapy is a part of biomedical research.

Stem cell therapy is used in the world of medical science to treat blood-related diseases and it has saved the lives of thousands of people suffering from leukaemia. It is also used for the treatment of bone injury, skin problems and eye problems.

Research is still going on to involve stem cells in medicine in order to treat some major diseases. The sad part is that without knowing the correct use of it many clinics are making money by selling treatments to seriously injured patients.

Here are four things that you should know about stem cell therapy:

  • Stem cell therapy is still in the experimental stage because clinical trials are under restriction. But still, one should be aware that there are many stem cells found in the human body and each has its own use. A single variety of cell will respond to one or two diseases. For example, hematopoietic cells can regenerate only blood.
  • As it is still under progress, just the basic science of treatment is established, but successful treatment is yet to be done and as of now it is under trial. It will be quite long before we get successful results.
  • Stem cell therapy is a risky process and the outcome varies from patient to patient. Physical changes don’t mean that the treatment is successful. So, be careful of clinics that advertise it to great extent. In fact, don’t depend on advertisements.
  • The process of stem cell therapy is constantly moving forward and researchers involved in it are positive that shortly there will be stem cell therapy available for treating a range of human disorders, but not sure when the process will come to a conclusion.

Hope the mystery behind the new science will be solved soon so that more and more people can lead a healthy life.