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Degenerative Disc Disease refers to a degenerative condition that can lead to severe pain due to damaged disc. It results from the natural process of aging and the cumulative effect of day-to-day activities causing stress of spinal discs. As an effect, the spinal disc slowly starts losing volume and becomes weak. As we grow older, our spine starts getting small in size (due to losing water). It results in loss of shock-absorbing capability of spinal disc and loss of space between the vertebrae. It results in aching bone spurs and swelling around the nerves coming out of the spine.

Factors causing pain in Degenerative Disc Disease

There are two main factors responsible for pain in Degenerative Disc Disease:

  1. Inflammation: Due to lowering the size of the discs, the padding between the vertebrae reduces resulting in instability of spines. It results in painful bone spurs and put pressure on the spinal cord. The body release histamine for increasing the flow of blood. However, the rise of chemicals can lead to leakage of fluids into tissues, resulting in swelling and pain.

In the lumbar disc space, pain reaches the hips. It can also go to legs causing a painful condition called Sciatica. We can offer the bestsciatica treatment for you.

  1. Abnormal Micro-Motion Instability: Due to wearing of the annulus (i.e. outside rings of the intervertebral disc) it fails to offer the support needed by the vertebrae. Small movements which are known as ‘micro-motion,’ lead to achy muscle spasms.

Symptoms associated with Degenerative Disc Disease:

  • Muscle spasms leading to pain while doing any activity. The intensity of pain keeps on rising and falling and also vanishes away for some time.
  • Rise in pain while sitting
  • Intolerable pain while bending, twisting or picking up anything from the floor.

Solutions to Treat Degenerative Disc Disease

The treatment depends upon your symptoms and degree of pain experienced by you. We, at the degenerated discs treatment center of Roseville CA can guide you about the possible treatment for you. Following alternatives can be taken to treat Degenerative Disc Disease:

  1. Surgery: For removing the painful and degenerated disc, the ultimate treatment if displacement t of the disc or spinal fusion. In spinal fusion, major surgery is done to join two vertebrae by using a bone graft or metal implants. It helps in promoting the bone growth between the vertebrae. The artificial disc replacement involves replacement of the disc with a prosthetic implant.

Although surgery is a last resort solution to treat extreme pain, yet it can lead to several complications such as allergy, pain, nerve injury, graft rejection, blood clots, and so on. Hence, you can try alternate options for six months before resorting to surgery.

  1. Medicines: You can try medicines like anti-inflammatory NSAIDS, we can guide you in this regard. As these cannot help in curing eth underlying cause of pain, these have to be taken daily but can increase the risk of heart strokes and attacks. Moreover, high doses can even be more fatal and can lead to drug dependence.
  2. Non-Invasive Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Care: We can suggest exercise to you before taking medicines or resorting to surgery. Chiropractic care and exercises can help in strengthening the muscle around your spine for making it more stable which helps in preventing further damage.
  3. Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression: It is a technique to decompress the space between the vertebrae in a manner which helps in relieving pressure on degenerated discs for rejuvenating and rehydrating them. The spinal decompression specialist can help you in the best possible way.

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