Get to Know the Top Enemies of Your Tooth Enamel

It can’t be denied that your teeth touch plenty of things every day. Good thing, your teeth have a thin, outer layer of hard tissue known as enamel. This greatly helps in protecting your teeth from possible threats while keeping their shape and structure.

However, enamel gets weaken over time due to some of its greatest enemies such as:

  • Acids

Do you know how acid affects your teeth? Acids from sodas and fruit juices cause mineral to deteriorate the enamel. Thus, your teeth become more susceptible to damage. Once your tooth enamel has been deteriorated by acid, it will be easier to destroy once you brush a little harder or utilize abrasive toothpaste.

  • Hard substances

Are you fond of chewing things which are not food at all? If so, then better stop doing that. You should know that your teeth are specially tailored to chew and grind food, not just anything you randomly pick. Chewing hard items could definitely wash away enamel or worse, cause a fracture on your tooth.

  • Sugar

Sugar is a big no-no for your tooth enamel. Sucrose, commonly known as granulated sugar, is the primary cause of having tooth decay, yet is far from the main culprit. Sugary foods such as cookies, sodas, and candies are indeed some of the major offenders. However, did you know that starchy foods like cereals and slices of bread also play a crucial role in tooth decay? Once the starches are mixed with the saliva enzyme, also known as amylase, it will result in an acid bath that will erode the enamel and will make your teeth more vulnerable to decay.

  • Grinding teeth

Do you grind your teeth while sleeping? It has been documented that teeth grinding can actually damage your enamel. Seek professional help to know how to stop this.

  • Hard way of brushing

Generally, you should be gentle with your teeth, whatever oral routine you may have. While some think that brushing teeth hard can remove sugar out of your mouth, it isn’t true at all. Instead, it can just cause chipped enamel.

More advice

Aside from keeping away from bad habits and foods, a healthy diet is important to get healthy teeth and gums. Always have a well-balanced diet. Have some nuts, grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. All of these will provide you will all the essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, calcium, fluoride, beta-carotene, magnesium, and phosphorous. According to some researches, omega-3 fats may also reduce inflammation, hence it can possibly lower the risk of having gum disease.

According to Long Island Periodontist, Dr. Scharf, countless people understand the importance of taking good care of the teeth but often refrain from doing necessary actions to get and maintain healthy teeth. Taking good care of your teeth goes far beyond saving yourself from painful toothaches, maintaining your looks, and keeping huge dental expenses at bay. It is important to keep a good overall health. Tooth problems usually lead to heart disease, diabetes, systemic infections, and other chronic and sometimes life-threatening disease.