Get Rid Of Toothache through Root Canal Treatment

Toothache can be one of the most horrifying experiences of all time. It is a sign that bacteria are invading your pulp. Toothache has to be dealt with very carefully. If tooth infection is not treated properly and timely, there are high chances that it will get worse with passing time.

You can take the help of medicine to lessen the pain for sometimes, but toothaches only appear to go away, don’t be fooled by that, it will come back again. It is better not to take any chances with the tooth if you are having a severe toothache; you need to consult the dentist without any delay. Your treatment will start off with antibiotics and then it will be followed by the root canal.

Here are 5 symptoms signalling that you may need root canal treatment:-

  1. While having anything cold or hot, you might feel a sudden pain. This is called tooth sensitivity. If you ever experience tooth sensitivity, consider root canal therapy.
  2. You have difficulty in biting or chewing food.
  3. Your toothache does not let you sleep at night. You wake up with the emergency of having a medicine with hope that your toothache will disappear. Even after having the medicine, if the throbbing pain comes back after a few hours, you should visit the dentist immediately for root canal treatment.
  4. If you ever find a bubble resembling a pimple on your gum that bleeds when you try to press it, it is high time for the root canal therapy.
  5. If you find a chip, crack or hole in your tooth.

You must have heard a lot about the painful process of root canal therapy. Don’t get scared as it actually won’t hurt you. Root canal is nothing but cleaning the pulp which has been infected followed by removal of the damaged nerve.

Procedure of Root Canal

  1. The first thing your dentist will try to know is how severely the tooth has been damaged. The therapy will start off with a dental X-ray.
  2. The second step is to numb the damaged area. This step is extremely important, as your dentist will remove the damaged nerve. Local anaesthesia will not let you feel the pain.
  3. Since root canal is performed on a dry and saliva free tooth, your dentist will place a rubber sheet around the area.
  4. Your dentist will medicate the infected area.
  5. Once your dentist performs the therapy successfully, he/she will end the procedure by sealing off your tooth.

It is not wise to ignore toothache. It can occur due to several reasons including cavities, gum infection or just a crack on your tooth. Toothache can never be treated without the help of an expert. If treatment is delayed, you will suffer a number of sleepless nights. In addition, it can be harmful to the other connected nerves as well. You can contact a Hawley Lane Dental clinic for painless root canal treatment.

So don’t delay, go for treatment immediately!

Ellen Cone