GNC has Solution for Muscle Gain Through Deer Antler Spray

It all started in 1954, when Soviet Union was dominating many other countries in Olympics. Dr. Ziegler from US after long research found that their athletes were taking testosterone injections to enhance their performance. Then Dr. John Ziegler with the help of Ciba Pharmaceuticals, decided to launch something more advanced than testosterone injections. Since 1956, steroids have been widely known supplements among athletes and bodybuilders.

Many pharmaceutical companies have come out with different supplements claiming theirs to be the best. Not only athletes, but other non-athletes have also taken it to get astounding results. It is now avialble in any form like tablet, powder or injection.

One of the companies that we are talking about is GNC. GNC is a sports nutrition company in US. Their nutrition products contain vitamins, testosterone and other hormone boosters. One of its products that are widely used is called Deer Antler Plus. It is made from deer velvet, which contains lot of nutrients.

Velvet is a soft cartilage that develops as a covering for antlers of male young deer species like red deer, reindeer, elk and many more. This velvet hardens with the growth of deer. It has many nutrients that helps in the growth of antler. Deer velvet has one of the nutrients that are called IGF-1, which is used for cellular growth. Deer shed their antler and grow every year, which is further collected by GNC for making their supplement.

There are many variants of this supplements, the most commonly used is the powder, but now spray is available. If you want to buy spray from any other store you need to make sure that it is a legitimate product. However, if you buy Deer antler sprays at GNC you will get the original product.

The benefits of Deer Antler spray are –

  • Improve immune system
  • Relieve joint pain
  • Enhance muscles
  • Improve sexual characteristics

Deer are not harmed physically when unclipping the antlers. Doctors’ claim that the harvesting method is very excruciating for deer. Thus, they recommend that antlers should be taken from deer that are already killed for food purpose. That is why deer antler is banned in UK unless they are shed through natural process.

Deer antler spray is approved by FDA to treat arthritis, as they help in relieving joints. However, FDA has not claimed anything about using spray for body building. Although, GNC has mentioned it on their label about FDA not approving for fitness still, they promote their product with a label of a man with six pack abs.


Ellen Cone