Guides on the health benefits of maple syrup

  • The pure maple syrup contains greater antioxidants than refined sugar, agave nectar, and corn syrup. Maple syrup contains higher antioxidant capacity like raw honey, brown sugar, and blackstrap molasses. Pure maple syrup contains twenty-four antioxidants, which support reduce the free radical harm that can cause tenderness and add to the formation of other chronic diseases.
  • Consuming too sugar leads your blood sugar level high and increases insulin levels, which over time can also lead to overweight and even diabetes. While pure maple syrup is still considered a food that is high in sugar, it’s lesser on the glycemic index.
  • With polyphenol antioxidants, maple syrup is considered part of a healthy diet that aids in preventing certain diseases like inflammatory diseases and arthritis.
  • While some proof shows that to a particular degree sugar can cause cancer, maple syrup appears to a much lower dangerous sweetener. This is due to the contamination of antioxidants that can protect cells from mutation and DNA damage.
  • Like raw honey, maple syrup can aid to lower skin inflammation, dryness, redness, and blemishes.
  • It acts as an alternative to sugar for improved digestion. There are several artificial sweeteners cause symptoms of indigestion, bloating, constipation, but pure maple syrup does not create such types of symptoms.

Select the best grades of maple syrup

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Ellen Cone