Hair Loss – A common problem across the globe

Loss of hair has been accepted to be a common problem across the global population. This is one of the major problems which have been faced by many people irrespective of the gender. However, as per observations from various sources go, it is understood that loss of hair can happen due to several reasons as such. This can be triggered through an unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal changes, emotional and physical stress as well as chemical reaction based on various reagents that we use on a regular basis. Transplantation of hair is one of the permanent solutions which have gained popularity in the recent past. However, medical practitioners consider this to be one of the most expensive solutions that you can think of. However, in most of the cases, patients have very few options other than to go for hair transplantation services. Such services have come up widely in various cities and urban hubs. For instance hair transplantation services have come up aggressively in India and even in other hubs like hair transplant in Ludhiana, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai etc.

Restore Lost Hair through Hair transplantation services

Hair transplant treatment is considered to be one of the best ways for restoration of hair. This is because, it offers a permanent solution for hair restoration and has become extremely common as far as the application mechanism goes. However, the most important aspect about hair transplantation is that, it is an invasive process and needs to be implemented under strict medical supervision. There are several techniques associated with hair transplantation surgery as such. Two best technologies followed by trichologists or hair care experts include the following:

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation,
  • the other one is known as the Follicular Unit Extraction technique.

Guidelines that should be followed before the surgery:

The best part about hair transplant services is that, it can be executed within a limited time, and the patient is not required to be admitted. However, the entire process remains to be executed under strict medical supervision, and hence needs to be guided enough to produce a measured outcome. Expert hair transplant surgeons manage the process well, and the surgery takes place within a proper operation theatre having good enough infrastructure based arrangements. Suggestions and medications vary case to case, and normally the patient is kept under supervision for about 3 days post surgery and then medicines are suggested. Complications do rarely happen, but at the same time cannot be ruled out as such. Therefore, you need to take enough care about your health and follow the process of medication as suggested.  

How the process of hair transplantation follows:

Prior to undertaking the surgery, detailed photographs are taken of the patient’s scalp. This helps in identifying the proper recipient as well as the donor area. At the same time, doctors could have an idea about the condition of hair growth. A clear diagnosis can happen with the photographs taken as this reveals the actual condition of healthy and unhealthy hair follicles inside the patient’s scalp/ following such a procedure the physician shall take a proper decision on the process of

During Surgery

Once the areas have been identified, i.e. the donor and the recipient areas, hair needs to be removed by the surgeon, based on the growth of healthy hair follicles. While replacement of affected hair follicles the doctors consider a lot of aspects. This includes the angle, depth and location of each and every unit. This is understood to provide you with a very natural hairline.

Post-Procedure of hair transplant surgery

Post surgery a review happens which enables the doctor to carry out a detailed inspection. After the restoration procedure is completed, the surgeon takes a relook and plans for the future. This phase include a thorough plan for medication and lifestyle reliefs which are suggested to the patient. Certain appropriate postures for keeping your head under rest is suggested which should be followed strictly. Your physician, at the same time can provide you with proper instructions so as to understand how you rinse and clean your scalp.

Hair transplant surgery can really offer a permanent solution for intensive hairball irrespective of gender. This remains to be the one and only solution for excessive hair fall and can restrict the probability of baldness.



May Capobianco