Have Your Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removed and Prevent Future Dental Problems

Have your wisdom teeth grown at a wrong angle or toward the next tooth? Or your wisdom teeth get trapped within the jawbone? Consider getting a professional wisdom teeth removal in Parramatta sooner. The reason behind this is, impacted wisdom teeth not only cause pain, but also disturb the health of your nearby teeth, and cause other dental complications that will be costly to treat.

Problems that you will face if you ignore having your wisdom teeth removed.

  1. While straitening the tooth, you and your cosmetic dentist in Parramatta face complications with orthodontic treatments.
  2. Around the wisdom tooth, fluid-filled sac will get developed.
  3. Your nearby tooth and its surrounding area will be at risk.
  4. You can expect tooth decay. Especially, on the nearby teeth.
  5. You will face gum disease or infection that spoils your oral health
  6. No matter how many times you brush your teeth, you will experience bad breath.
  7. The food you will consume gets trapped behind the wisdom tooth.

What can you expect during your wisdom teeth extraction?

On your appointment, your dentist in Parramatta will check the health of your impact wisdom teeth, and nearby teeth, and ask you to take an X-ray of your mouth to check the alignment of wisdom teeth. Your dentist will also let you know if it have any complications. Based on this the cost of wisdom teeth removal associated with your surgery will be estimated and provided to you.

Before they start the surgery, based on your condition, the dentist will give anesthesia to you.

There are three types of anesthesia. They are,

  1. General anesthesia: You will lose consciousness during the procedure
  2. Sedation anesthesia: During the procedure, it suppresses your consciousness
  3. Local anesthesia: During the procedure, you will feel some pressure and movement, you shouldn’t experience pain

Once you get injected with anesthesia, your dentist will make a small cut on the gum tissue to get the wisdom teeth and its bone to remove. Then the tooth will be made into two pieces to remove the teeth easily. Once the tooth is extracted, stitches will be added, and your dentist will place gauze over the surgical area to stop bleeding.

Finally, you have to follow your dentist suggestion, and intake the medicine he/she provide for speed up the healing process.

Final Wrap 

Impacted wisdom tooth should be taken out as soon as possible to avoid future problems. So, contact the right dentist in Parramatta. And book an appointment now!