Healthier Lifestyles Made More Organic

Beauty is a $445 billion dollar industry that influences women all across the globe, sometimes even men. For many, beauty products and cosmetics are a vital part of daily life. From eyeliner to makeup to creams, there are probably thousands of different products out in the market today. These range from the everyday facial washes and moisturizers to some of the most ridiculously expensive things money can buy.

Whichever the case, women need to know what they’re putting on their skin. Lots of skin products, including some of the most popular ones on the market, can potentially damage your skin and result in long-term health problems. In fact, here’s a list of 22 harmful chemicals in personal care products that you should avoid.

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Thankfully, there’s a much healthier alternative you can explore. Organic products like those from Well Within Beauty are made completely from substances found in nature, which means they’re a lot less likely to damage your skin.

If you need some convincing, here are some reasons why organic products can make your life healthier:

Better For The Environment

Organic products are made from ingredients you can find in nature, which also means that they’re far less likely to damage the environment. On the other hand, non-organic beauty products often come with harmful substances like PEG compounds, mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and many others.

If you want to make sure the environment is in good health, go organic. Remember, health isn’t just about you; it’s a concerted effort towards making the world a better place.


Most inorganic skin products come with skin damaging ingredients such as formaldehydes, phenoxyethanol, dioxins, and alcohols, all of this can lead to all kinds of conditions including eczema, allergies, and even an increased risk for cancer. It’s no wonder governments like Japan are already beginning to crack down on these.

Conversely, skincare products that are organic like those you can find at

seldom damage the skin. In fact, many of them come with little to no side effects and yield better results. Compared to their inorganic counterparts, organic skincare products are generally less irritating and much easier on the skin.

Greater All Around Care

An organic product does more than just moisturize your skin or protect you from the sun.

Many of the latest organic brands are built on the promise of a better life, especially one that is free of harmful chemicals and dangerous substances. Through organic brands you can improve your eating habits, learn the benefits of fitness and understand how to deal with harmful chemicals. Plus they’re packed with vital vitamins, minerals, and healthy fatty acids that improve skin moisture and prevent skin damage.

Organic skincare products are here to stay. As more and more people continue to make conscious decisions about their health and well-being the demand for organic products will only continue to rise. For your sake–and for the sake of others as well–go organic and live healthier.

Here’s to better living!