Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life

Have you ever noticed that there are some people who always seem to be trying to get healthier, but somehow never succeed? If you look at their actions, one thing becomes clear. Many people decide to change not just one little thing in their life, but everything. Worse yet, they want to make all these changes at once. But life doesn’t work that way, and neither does getting healthy.

Just as you wouldn’t walk into a Nashville restorative dentistry office and expect to walk out with a perfect smile the same day, you can’t change years of habits overnight. The best way is to start small, pick one thing to build into a habit that is healthier and then move on to the next one. Looking for ideas on where to start? We have a few right here that are just the ticket.

Start with Water

It is a simple thing, to drink a glass of water before each meal. But you would be surprised how hard it is for many people to keep this up long enough for it to become a habit. There are several gains from this habit.

One is the water itself, since we never seem to get enough of it and we need it. The second one is that if you drink that eight-ounce glass of water before each meal it will help to fill you up. So many times, we eat too quickly, and continue eating far beyond the point of being satisfied. This will help as it fills you up a bit first, before you eat.

Choose a Healthy Meal

We don’t all eat the way we need to, but we can make at least one meal of the day a healthy one. Choose one meal and make it the one that is truly healthy. Let’s say you choose lunch. Make sure that your protein is only a quarter of the meal, about the size of your palm of your hand.

The rest should be made up of vegetables, such as a salad with a bit of meat on top. Add a handful of nuts to the mix and you have a much healthier lunch than that fast food burger you were considering. Just one meal each day, and you will begin to see the light.

Snack Changes

Everyone feels that low in the middle of the afternoon. It is the time when most of us reach for a snack of some kind, usually one that is fat and sugar. So instead, why not choose a bit of fruit and a power bar? Yes, some of them can taste like cardboard, but not all of them.

To make it interesting, try doing a taste test where you pick up five different ones each week and pit them against each other for a taste test each day. Rate them, keep the wrappers, and in the end, you will have found the one that works for you. Best of all, you are skipping that sweet donut and coffee that you usually have at this time of day.

Add in some physical habits like walking at lunch time or creating one good walk after dinner each night. This can be a habit you have for the rest of your life. Remember, it only takes one habit change to start the ball rolling.