How to Have Healthy Teeth and Gums the Easy Way

Like the other parts of the body, bacteria also accumulate in your mouth. If not properly cared for, you are likely to develop bad breath and other oral diseases. However, according to the Oral Health Foundation, one in every 4 adults don’t brush their teeth twice a day, and one in every ten adults also admitted that they forget to brush their teeth regularly, which is essential in having healthy gums and teeth. On the other hand, taking care of your oral health has now been made easy with these tips below.

  • Brush and floss daily.

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day would not be enough to have healthy teeth and gums. Flossing daily also helps remove bacteria, which is a precursor of plaque. It can also help you prevent tooth decay. On the other hand, it is also suggested for you to change your toothbrush about 3-4 times a year.


  • Schedule regular dental checkups.

Scheduling dental checkups with a trusted periodontist such as at least once every 6 months is essential for maintaining healthy gums and teeth. Dental checkups often involve removing plaque and tartar as well as checking for indications of oral diseases. Apart from your gums and teeth, your tongue, throat, and your mouth as a whole would be examined as well.

  • Stop smoking.

Tobacco can stain your teeth. It can also increase your risk of acquiring oral cancer and gum diseases. So, it would be best for you to stop smoking immediately, as it can also make you lose your teeth, especially if layers of plaque and tartar has accumulated. On the other hand, in case you find it hard to completely stop smoking, you can consider brushing your teeth and using anti-tar mouthwash after smoking.


  • Avoid sugary foods and drinks.

When you consume sugar for a long period of time without proper cleaning, resulting plaque produces acids that attack your enamel. Sugary foods and drinks also contribute to tooth decay. So, avoid eating sweets like chocolates and candies. Also, instead of drinking soda, drink water.


  • Use fluoride.

Fluoride hardens your tooth’s enamel and helps you fight cavities. So, make sure to use fluoride toothpaste to enhance the layer of protection for your teeth, preventing them from being susceptible to plaque buildup. You can also consider drinking fluoridated water. However, just make sure that you don’t use too much fluoride on your teeth or you may end up suffering from dental fluorosis.

  • Eat healthy foods.

Eating healthy foods helps keep your gums and teeth healthy. So, make sure to add whole foods to your diet to provide your body with all the nutrients that it needs. Omega 3 fats, in particular, can help reduce inflammation, reducing your risk of gum disease.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy eating any food that you want and avoid experiencing any discomfort while you are conversing with your loved ones through the tips provided above.