HGH and Athletic Performance

Sports arena is no longer driven with the same rules and ethics as it used to be few decades ago. Now athletes are under constant pressure to meet the demands of the sport and they indulge in all sorts of performance enhancing activities even if it means using supplements like HGH.

Human growth hormone is a naturally occurring hormone that is secreted by the pituitary gland and is known to impact overall body development. Let’s take a closer look at how HGH supplements help athletes.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Aesthetics of athletes is natural and it shows in their physique appearance. HGH is known to help with fat reduction and lean muscle mass gain which is what helps athletes with their aesthetic overall. This benefit of HGH supplements is popularized by a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in which subjects (all men) where administered with regular HGH dosage. Most of the subjects reported increase in muscle mass and lowered body fat levels.

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Performance Enhancement

Performance is proportionally benefited by the aesthetic enhancement factors. The increase in lean muscle mass makes you stronger at the same time the reduced body fat enhances your metabolism that benefits your endurance and strength. It is also believed that with increased growth hormone body’s capability to deal with injuries and recover from trauma improves which is important for any athlete. However you should keep in mind that there are no strong evidences that support performance enhancement benefit of these supplements.

Injury Recovery

As mentioned above human growth hormone affects the injury recovery capability of the body as well. Not theoretically but it is also evidently clear that with use of HGH athletes can deal with even disabling injuries. For instance the Miami Dolphins football player whose knee was destroyed was able to reconstruct it back with HGH therapy. The player is Abdul-Karim al-Jabbar who was able to re-grow his destroyed knee with proper treatment using HGH.

Side Effects

Before you rush to any conclusion there are a few other details about HGH you should consider. Although the aesthetic and performance enhancement benefits may seem tempting but there are possible side affects that you should know. HGH supplement abuse is found to cause joint pains, swelling and overgrowth of bones.

However all these side effects can be easily avoided with proper care and administration. Mostly use of HGH therapy for athletes is safe.

Ellen Cone