How Change in Weather Calls for Immediate Appointment with an ENT Specialist

Do you ever feel joint pain or chest congestion during every time there is a change in the weather? It is due to the barometric pressure that shoots the temperature up and down throughout the day affecting the weather and your body at the same time. In fact, the month of July and October takes a serious toll on people who have weak immunity system. Both the months welcome new cycles of the year, butworsen the health condition of many due to chill in the morning air and/or drizzle followed by heat strokes in the afternoon. Such frequent and immediate changes in weather detriments our health and hence it’s important for us to brace against cold and rainy days.

Cluster headaches, fever, nasal blockage, low eye pressure, migraine, tonsillitis and ear pain are common yet unavoidable diseases that occurs during these months. Therefore, it is vital for you to search for and visit an ENT specialist soon. Be it an ENT specialist in any cities, you can easily book appointments online through DrRiight for ENT Specialist in Hyderabad/Delhi/Mumbai or any other cities.3

In order to avoid such a situation, here are basic 3 hacks that you can include in your daily routine that will help you in keeping seasonal diseases at bay to a great extend:

  • Irrespective of weather, you should never cut down on your fluid intake. It is vital to maintain fluid consumption even in coldest of days since it regulates the water level in our body, than forgoing it. Especially those who work out should never jeopardize with their water intake.
  • Stretch or work out a little in the morning to keep your body energized. During colder seasons our internal mechanism weakens and wakes up to full charge post work out.
  • Change in weather affects arteries and blood vessels by narrowing them that puts exertion on heart, restricting blood to flow properly in the body. Avoid overexertion during these months.

However, the catch is that such problems do not end here. If cold and cough does not go away within 3-4 days the situation aggravates resulting in viral infection or tonsillitis. Therefore, visiting an ENT specialist becomes an emergency. First, we must understand the role of an ENT doctor- they are specialists, physician experts in medical and surgical treatment of Ears, Nose and Throat. They carry special expertise in dealing with diseases that affect ears, nose, nasal passage, sinuses, larynx (voice box), mouth, throat, oral cavity as well as neck and face. Some of the most common problems related to them are described below:

  • Ear – While travelling from hot to cold places, especially in hilly areas, earget air blockage. Such blockage can also happen if you do not clean your ear regularly and layers of wax get clotted. An ENT specialist can provide medical care to you for such situations, as well as in case of ear infections, bacteria and fungi formation, hearing disorders, facial nerve or cranial nerve disorders and other cancerous disorders.
  • Nose – Common cold is the most common yet unnerving disease you can catch during changing weather. It leads to various other problems and intrudesour daily life and work. Managing disorders of the nasal cavity, congestion, paranasal sinuses, breathing, losing sense of smell are an ENT specialist’s forte.
  • Throat – Asa person who always complaints of throat congestion or swelling tonsillitis during cold weather, you can affirm how difficult it becomes to execute day to day tasks with this painful disease. An ENT’s expertise helps in providing medical and surgical care for diseases concerning the larynx, upper aero digestive tract or esophagus that hampers breathing and swallowing.

Apart from these, the specialist also carries expertise in treating infectious diseases that occur in head and neck, facial trauma, deformities, and tumors – both malignant and benign.It is essential for all of us to understand the importance of medical care and get treatment on time without any delay or ignorance. And now with online appointment booking facility offered by DrRiight, you need not worry about standing and waiting in long queues. With DrRiight booking an appointment has become very comfortable as you can search, choose time and book one of the skilled doctorsonline. These doctors are verified after multiple checks and screening, hence your health is in safe hands. DrRiight also ensures that you visit a verified clinic by reflecting the stamp of a graded clinic on their platform. So book appointments online through their website and lead a healthy life.

Ellen Cone