How do I cut down on an opioid addiction?

Developing an addiction to opioids can have a detrimental effect on your life. Many who suffer from this feel they want to cut down or stop completely.

Quitting cold turkey can dangerous if you are heavily addicted, you will need to attend rehab to do this successfully. You could begin to cut down your use if you are not completely reliant on the drug, and we have some tips to help you with this.

How can I cut down on opioids?

Write down your goals and why you are cutting down. If you do this, you can remind yourself of the reasons every day. This can be anything you desire – better sleep, or to help your relationship for example.

Keep a mental record of your drug use. Or write this down too if you prefer. Seeing and thinking a lot about how many drugs you take can help you to realise the true extent of your addiction

Don’t keep drugs around your home. Having drugs readily available at home may be too much of a temptation for users. Do not keep any stored if you are limiting your use.

Choose specific days where you are going drug-free. You could even choose weeks and months where you decide to go drug-free. It will be interesting to see how you feel after these periods of abstinence.

Be mindful of peer-pressure. It can be helpful to have some polite and friendly ways to decline an invite to events and situations where drugs could be involved. You do not have to take drugs just because your friends are taking drugs. Stay away from those who make you feel pressured.

Keep yourself busy in the meantime. Plan out your spare time with activities such as walks, joining a sports club, movie marathons, or trying out new recipes. Especially during the pandemic, being cooped up can cause boredom – which with addicts leads to more frequent using.

Stay away from temptation. It will be so much easier to stay clear of opioids if you avoid the people and situations which they go along with. If you link your use to certain events, holidays, or people; make a plan on how you will avoid them once you are there.

Be persistent with your plan. Your first attempt at cutting down might turn out to be a bit disheartening – but keep going. You will get better at saying no and you can turn your life around.