How Does Water Help you Lose Weight?

Are you willing to toss away those fruit juice diets and the expensive weight loss pills for one of the cheapest ways to lose weight? Water has been thought to help in weight loss for a long time. In fact, 30 to 59 percent of all American adults who try to lose weight raise their water intake to accomplish their weight loss objectives. This article will reveal to you everything about how to lose water weight and how water can help you to lose weight.

How Does Water Help you Lose Weight?

1. Drinking Water Before Meals Lowers Your Appetite.

You have probably heard people claim that drinking water before a meal lowers appetite. There seems to be substantial truth in this claim especially in older adults and the middle aged. Studies carried out on older adults have revealed that taking water before each meal may increase weight loss by 2 kilograms over a four-month period.

In one of the studies, middle-aged obese and overweight participants who drank water before each meal lost 44 percent more weight compared to the group that did not take water. Another similar study established that drinking water before breakfast reduced the quantity of calories consumed during the meal.


2. Drinking Water Helps in Burning More Calories.

According to most recent scientific studies, drinking water has been found to increase the resting energy potential or the number of calories burned by the body. In adults, the rate of calorie burning increases by 24 to 30 percent within 10 minutes of water intake. To support this study, another study carried out on obese and overweight children found a 25 percent increase in resting energy expenditure after taking cold water. Furthermore, all the studies reveal that drinking 0.5 liters of water lead to an extra 23 calories burned.

3. Drinking Water Leads to Lower Risk of Weight Gain and Reduced Calorie Intake.

A recent school-based study targeting to reduce overweight rates among children by encouraging them to drink water concluded that drinking more water leads to reduced risk of long-term obesity, weight gain, and calorie intake. This promotes weight loss, especially among children.

4. Taking Water Helps You to Avoid Other Drinks.

According to a BMC Public Health study conducted in 2015, every 3.4 ounces of plain water consumed results to 0.7-ounce reduction is consumption of fruit juice diet drinks for instance soda. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in weight gain because these drinks usually come loaded with excess calories.

Final Purport.

The recommended quantity of water to drink according to many health authorities is 2 liters per day. However, this figure varies significantly depending on your age, gender and lifestyle. For instance, people who do regular exercise need more water than those who are less active. Water can be pretty helpful in losing weight because it helps in the burning of more calories, it is 100 percent calorie free and even cuts your appetite when consumed before meals.


Ellen Cone