How Gluten and Sugar Affects Your Skin?

We are all aware of the fact that our skin reflects what we eat. So, to answer the question in the title – Yes, gluten and sugar can affect our skin.

Our body’s largest organ happens to be our skin. It plays a big role in protecting our body from the harmful UV rays, bacteria, toxins etc. So, an industry is built in order to help protect this vital organ and to keep it healthy and flawless. And these industries are making big bucks, as people fail to realize that no amount of potion and creams can make up for the damage we cause to the body by unhealthy food intake.


One must realize that food and drinks have an impact on skin. A high-glycemic diet can give a toll on the skin. Food rich in carbs (like pizza, burgers, breads etc.) and sugar (like any form of dessert) can have a bad impact on your skin. Scientists have not found the exact reason as to why it happens, but a large number of people have been affected by this.

Due to the effect of excessive sugar or gluten intake, people show symptoms of older looking skin, poor skin coloration, breakouts, inflammation etc. And creams cannot simply mask these issues. But nevertheless, people always opt for this as a solution.

What is utterly perplexing is the fact that why food and diet is never considered as a solution for skin disorders. People often suffer for many years, splurging their money on ineffective treatments and medicines. They tick off all the check boxes (medical treatment) and then finally come to realize that their skin disorder was diet related.

Here we have briefed about two such skin conditions:

The Gluten Face:

The proteins found in barley, rye, and wheat apparently increases body inflammatory response, thus leaving the face looking swollen, inflamed or bloated. Gluten is also the cause of age spots and the patches seen on chin.

The immune system reacts to gluten, which affects the human reproductive balance that causes hormonal pimples, especially around the chin area.

Your Treatment: The best way to treat it is to remove gluten from your daily food intake and diet. Also, increase your fiber and water intake. A visit to a doc is a must.

The Sugar Face:

Excessive sugar intake can cause the elastic, springy collagen fibers present in the skin to become inflexible and rigid. Sugar raises the normal levels of insulin in the body, making our face appear sallow and washed-out.

It also takes a toll on the bacteria present in the gut. This could lead to breakouts on chest, shoulder and face. Eyebrows, in particular, are affected by this. The insulin imbalance leaves them looking wispy.

Your Treatment: By default, most of our intake will have rich sugar content. So, cutting down junk food like cakes, chips, processed food etc. even by half will improve the skin condition.

So, stick to a healthy diet with a lot of water intake to improve your skin condition.

Dee Jones