Drug addiction is a serious problem to get over but with firm determination and steady approach to with drawl treatments can bring positive results within months of starting the treatment. It acts fast and enters very quickly in to the blood stream. Once the blood is contaminated with the drug it takes a complete one week for the body to get detoxified.  If the drug penetration is deeper it might take 10-12 days.  Orange county detox is known for their expertise in detoxification and treating withdrawal symptoms.

Reasons for detoxification:

The first question anyone could ask for themselves is “Why to detox?” Essentially it is for three reasons.

  • The drug addicted body undergoes lot of changes like weak muscular system, less efficiency in body functionality and some mental problems also. As the drug is drunk upon by the body, the blood stream gets horribly contaminated. These impure materials have to leave the body inorder to make it fresh and active again. Hence detox.
  • It is difficult for the body to cope up with the with drawl symptoms. Depending on the drug consumed, withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person. To help deal with them, it is necessary to detox the body first.
  • Excessive usage of drugs makes body weak and affects the immune system. Detoxification is a process where the body is kept under medical supervision and examined regarding the presence of specific substances in the blood stream. All the toxins are eliminated gradually from the body with the help of which body becomes activated.


How to find a right rehab centre:

  • See that the rehabilitation centre is accredited by CARF(Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). Professional rehab centres ensure that the patient is treated with care.Orange county detoxis an excellent example for decent customer treatment . They treat the customers with dignity without allowing them to feel guilty.
  • Conduct a self-studyas to when and whom the centre has treated in the past and take their feedbacks. Some centres even submit Quality submission reports. Do not refuse to check these kinds of certificates and reports. After all you are putting your life in their hands.
  • Get a detailed analysis of the programs conducted by the centre and go for a second opinion. Check if all the therapies and medications covered are relevant to your problem. Cross verify with any known health professionals.


After you have found a right centre, it is time for you to go to he first step of recovery that is, Detoxification. Go for a detox therapy that best suits you. There will be several kinds of treatments like long term residential treatments, short term residential treatments, outpatient treatments etc. According to the drug consumption amount and its effects, type of therapy will be decided by your therapist.

Dee Jones