How Outdoor Activities Can Help a Person Stay Sober

Individuals who are on their journey to sobriety may have felt saddened by the news that an electronic dance cruise set up by Norwegian had to come to an end early because several passengers were found in possession of drugs. This is actually the second year that this has happened. Something that was supposed to be fun turned out to be disappointing for many. Perhaps the individuals who now have drug charges will seek help through an Ohio addiction recovery center.

Getting outside and enjoying some exercise is a great way for a person to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health. Additionally, it provides many benefits for individuals who are recovering from addiction to drugs or alcohol. It is a form of therapy. It is known as wilderness therapy. Several studies that show that it offers benefits to individuals recovering from addiction.

Wilderness therapy is not something that requires enrollment. All a person needs to do is go outside and engage in some type of physical activity. They can do this alone or with friends and family.

The Benefits of Outdoor Activities

When an individual engages in some form of outdoor activity on their own, perhaps hiking, swimming, or even gazing at the stars at night, they have the opportunity to reflect on their own thoughts and feelings. Being outside will make a person more aware of what is around them and the way they feel about almost everything. When a person experiences this heightened sense of self-awareness, it can lead them on a path to emotional discovery that can be extremely beneficial as they try to stay sober. This self reflection can help them see the benefits of being away from drugs or alcohol and give them the motivation needed to stick to their goal.

Individuals who are going through the healing process can sometimes experience negative emotions. Going outside and getting exercise can make a person feel more positive. This outdoor recreation can bring peace to a person’s life and help them to feel more relaxed and calm. Additionally, they can boost a person’s self-confidence, which is especially beneficial for individuals who are dealing with depression or anxiety.

Many who have dealt with addiction feel uncomfortable going out of their comfort zone. When a person tries a new activity outdoors, like canoeing or skiing, they may need to go a little bit out of their comfort zone. Even though a person may feel a little bit nervous, engaging in these activities can help them to build their self-confidence. It can give them more purpose in life and a deep sense of belonging.

One problem that some recovering addicts have dealt with is turning to drugs or alcohol when a problem arises in their life that they feel is too challenging to deal with. For example, if a person finds it hard to get a job, they may turn to crime. When a person engages in outdoor activities, they are able to build problem-solving skills that can help them as they learn a new outdoor activity and then apply those problem-solving skills in their life in other areas. For example, drug treatment lowering crime rates in many places are taking place where individuals are learning how to cope with challenges by learning new problem-solving skills.

Build Better Relationships with Others

Engaging in outdoor activities with friends and family is extremely beneficial. For one thing, it can help people who are going through the recovery process to avoid isolating themselves. Isolation can lead to negative emotions. When a person has spent a lot of time in isolation, they can lose communication skills that are important in every type of relationship. When a person can’t get outside and camp, play sports, or even go for a walk with a friend or family member, they have the ability to communicate with others in a comfortable setting. Additionally, having a good time engaging in these activities can build lasting memories with friends and family.

It is especially important for individuals to get outdoors when they are trying to stay sober during the winter months. There are lots of activities that a person can engage in despite the cold weather. Some winter outdoor activities include sledding, skiing, and snowboarding. If you have never tried these before, now is a great time for you to get out of your comfort zone and give them a shot.