The steroid laws or the drug laws have recently been very stringent; it was a steroid heaven for bodybuilders. There was easy procurement of the substance and it was a terrible time for the enforcement officers as they had no proper law in place to arrest them.

It had become so easy to go to clinics to get their supply and get injected. There were medical staff and care providers who specialized in the reduction of harm caused by taking steroids in then system.


Different Laws to buy steroids

Free health care professional and medical aid was given to people who consumed these steroids. This was very baffling for the law enforcers as the government’s money was spent on these so called steroid junkies. Though there was a previous law of not supplying and selling these drugs. And possession of it for personal consumption was not illegal even without prescription. But another law was passed in 2014 where there was a heavy penalty for even imprisonment for ordering online or by mail as it was already banned in selling inside the country without prescription and no over the counter selling. But ordering from other countries was not allowed. The 1971 rule forbids and any pedlars of steroids selling for profit but allowed the possession of having steroid by the buyer, hence the buyer was safe. And the seller would be prosecuted with a minimum sentence of two years to 14 years imprisonment or a hefty fine.

Steroid drug laws have categorized the anabolic steroids and persons above the age of 18 are eligible to be in the possession of steroids according to a prescription by a medical provider. The persons selling or supplying these steroid supplements has to have a license to do so. However it is been stated in the law that to manufacture, sell and possess is illegal by UK laws.

Since, it’s now illegal to order online or get your supplies of steroid supplements mailed and got from somebody outside the country. They can be bought in shops that are licensed in U.K. Steroid manufacturers are trying to sell them online as food supplements or as something with herbal extract and mumble jumble as to hood wink the law and the customer.

There are many such underground pharmacies that want to reach out to customers one way or the other and practically market their products having zero side effects, having a herbal extracts. Free shipping charges for large orders, giving online counseling as to how to use them and free post steroid therapies are all on offer.

The customers have to just get the bait. As it is a new trend now that all should have a fab body and a sculpted look. Both men and women idolize that they should have the perfect 10 figure, that will benefit them professionally and personally too and these people fall into the trap of these black market or illegal set ups who sell cheap steroids, which may or may not work or even worsen the situation and may cause you an irreversible medical condition. Not only losing your money but becoming the worst nightmare of your life, buyer beware is the motto to be followed while buying steroids.

Vernon Connelly