How to deal with Muscle Cramps

Almost everyone would have experienced muscle cramp in their life.  It comes without a warning. It can occur, when you are out on a jog or even when you are sleeping.  But, when it happens, the muscles on your feet or calf suddenly become very tight and hard, causing an extreme painful situation.  Not just the foot muscle cramps, it can also affect your thigh, hands, arms, abdomen and even the muscles in the rib cage.Though the Sports massage therapy Perth is effective, in this blog, we mention about what causes the muscle cramps and the various ways that you can deal with them.

What causes the muscle cramps?

Though the causes of muscle cramps is still a mystery, these activities or conditions can bring muscle cramps

  • Too much use of muscles, exercising too much or an injury
  • During Pregnancy, if the mother has decreased amounts of minerals
  • Exposing too much to the cold temperatures
  • Standing or sitting for a longertime
  • Dehydration
  • A few medicines – Steroids, Birth control pills, diuretics etc.,
  • Some medical conditions – Kidney problems, multiple sclerosis and Thyroid disease.

How to deal with muscle cramps?

  1. Stay hydrated

Drinking ample water is the best way to stay hydrated.  This will also help to eliminate the toxins out of the body.  Too much of toxin build-up is also a factor that is assumed to catch cramps. So, drink lots of water every day and stay hydrated!

  1. Stretch

Most muscle cramps can be prevented if the muscles are stretched.  Though, it might not be an exciting way to start your day, this is a great method to rouse the flow of blood and ease the muscle tension.  Incorporate this to your daily routine and reap the benefits in a few weeks.

  1. Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates in Perth, is a thorough form of stretching.  It helps in removing the knots and blocks in the muscles and helps the blood circulate around the body appropriately.  Regular Clinical Pilates is a great way to keep your body free from anticipated health problems and eliminating the annoying stints of cramp.

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