How to Handle a Family Member with Dementia

People with dementia and Alzheimer’s can be very hard to handle. However, family members can’t be just tossed outside when you don’t like how they act around you. These people are often your parents, brothers, sisters and people that you loved your whole life.

There’s no cure for dementia. It’s simply a condition that requires a lot of care from the surrounding. It’s not easy living with a person struggling with something like this, so we’re going to offer some advice on how to do this right and everyone get what they need at the moment. See this article on advice about it from the American Addiction Center.

Learn how to live with them

The most important thing about this issue is to learn how to live with people having trouble with memory. Dementia and Alzheimer’s usually attack older people. They start forgetting normal usual and everyday things like where the toilet is and who the people around them are. Then suddenly the memory might get back and everything is alright.

Communicate well

It’s important to know how to handle all situations with seniors with such a problem. Communication is the key to having a more relaxed time. Always ask simple questions that can be answered with yes and no. Never ask multiple questions and be patient until you get the answer.

Set a routine

The dementia is such a condition that it makes people become anxious by simple things like having unknown faces around them. It’s important to set a routine for the senior so they can feel calm and secured. If you realize that something is getting them aroused, make sure you show them that they follow the pattern. The clock is perfect for this. Mentioned and remind them that it’s time for something they do every day at that particular hour.

Give them professional care

Maybe the best option is to move them to a retirement home where memory care & dementia services are available. There, professionals will take care of your loved ones. A full service of the medical staff that will set the right routine and will follow the progress of the illness is the best choice.

Of course, many people think that retirement homes are the final destination of people, but this doesn’t have to be portrayed as a negative thing. A lot of elders live happy and long lives in retirement homes. They get to spend time with people of their own age, play games, watch moves and enjoy life as they want. When it comes to people with dementia, spending time with seniors can only be a positive thing.

Be a patient and loving person

Sometimes, people with dementia can be really frustrating. They are stubborn, they don’t take orders, and they often don’t know what’s going on around them. Elders that are aware of their condition feel scared and frustrated that they are losing their mind so they become even harder to live with.

Their hard time is passed on the others. They argue, they are nervous, and they are real trouble makers. Remember that these people are probably the ones that are responsible for your existence on this planet. They helped you become a grown person and cared for you in times when you couldn’t do it on your own. Now they need your support.

If you can be a patient and loving person with them, they’ll see that and respond equally. Even if they don’t, you need to show your love and appreciation because this is something you literally own them. Try to give them the best care possible. If you can’t afford professional help, make sure you spend some quality time with your loved ones. Here’s advice about some of the best ways to spend time with people suffering from dementia:


As you can see, communication and patience are the most important things here. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are not easy things to live with. Remember this while trying to communicate with your loved ones. You might be frustrated and irritated by their behavior, but remember that they fill much worse than you. This means you must show the most love possible and provide the best care there is.