How to Make Trips to the Pharmacy Easier

In the age of smartphones and mobile delivery apps, it’s easy to get groceries, dinner and even toiletries delivered to the door. However, it may not be as easy to get a prescription delivered. However, there are ways to make the prescription filling and pick up process easier through technology.

Retail pharmacies use technologies, such as pharmacy ivr software, to better assist patients in filling prescriptions. There are several tools and tips for patients wanting to fill a prescription online or through their mobile phone.

Here are three ways to make filling and picking up your prescription easier.

Call Refills in a Day in Advance

One of the worst parts of a trip to the pharmacy can be the wait in line. Many times, patients are under the weather and not feeling their best. An easy way to cut down on wait time is to call the pharmacy ahead of time to refill. Patients can give the pharmacy a specific date and time they would like to pick up the prescription.

Pharmacies that use technology, such as pharmacy IVR software, allow customers to get store hours, speak to a staff member and request refills through phone, text message or email. These systems also send alerts to customers letting them know when their prescription is ready for pickup, and can even send refill reminders.

Stock Up if Possible

Patients should aim to keep a two-week supply of the medications they take daily. If a patient picks up their prescription a day or two early for several months, this can allow them to build a reserve.

Having a reserve of medication also helps patients to prevent running out of medication while traveling. Patients who take medication for an extended period of time may request a 90-day supply. This means instead of visiting the pharmacy once a month for three months, the patient only needs one trip to the pharmacy to receive medication for the next 90 days.

Visit the Pharmacy During Non-Peak Hours

Not only can long lines be a pain for patients who don’t call ahead, but also for those who are visiting the pharmacy during peak hours. Typically, lines are longest during two periods of the day, lunchtime and after work.

Patients who visit the pharmacy during lunch hours can expect longer lines. Also, the hours of 4pm-6pm tend to be peak wait times. Optimal times include mornings, before 11 am, and evenings after 6 pm. Weekends can also offer shorter wait times.

Patients who plan ahead for their prescription refills and pickups will typically experience less wait time. Technology offers assistance to patients wanting to refill their prescriptions over the phone, through an app, email or text.