How to Support Your Loved One in a Women’s Rehab Center

One of the lowest points in any marriage occurs when a spouse is battling an addiction.  Be it drugs or alcohol, it can be a very devastating period for the couple and the family.  Getting the spouse up and running again just like they used to in the old days becomes the family’s priority.  If the spouse, in this case, is a woman, the family starts by searching for a quality women’s rehab center and afterward enrolling their loved one into that facility.  Here are a few ways you can support your loved one battling with an addiction.

Educate yourself

By learning about what causes one to become addicted to drugs, alcohol and other substances and how to prevent them from relapsing, it becomes easier to take care of your wife.  Learning about this will also help you understand the journey that your spouse is going through and you’ll be more appreciative of the obstacles they have to jump through to get to the other side.


Keep the communication lines open

You’ve heard the saying, communication is everything.  This is especially true when you have a spouse fighting an addiction at a women’s treatment center.  Now more than ever, they need to open up and express themselves and they need to do so to a person whom they trust.  Demolish all communication barriers.  If they want to talk to you at odd hours, be patient and listen.  You can also offer some advice to them and words of encouragement.  Just be careful not to sacrifice your mental, emotional or spiritual health in the process.

Attend regular counseling sessions

If your spouse is in one of the women’s rehab centers in the country and you are all they have in this world, the situation might exert a lot of pressure on you as a person.  By attending regular counseling sessions, you can learn how to deal with this challenge pretty well.  This will provide you with an outlet for your emotions and thoughts that you cannot express to your spouse who is fighting an addiction.  The counselor can also provide you with great advice on how best to help your spouse emotionally and mentally.  These professionals have years of experience and have been known to offer information that is not known by many.

Praise the progress of your spouse

Your spouse has achieved ten days of sobriety, commend her for it.  Fifteen days of sobriety, sing her praises.  Twenty days without a sip of alcohol, keep the compliments coming.  This is important if she is in a women’s treatment center.  The staff at the center might tell her this, but she needs to hear it from someone she loves, someone she respects and admires.  This will invigorate and motivate her to keep up the fight and not give up.  Your words have power so use them wisely.

Spend a lot of face time together

It’s not enough to simply talk on the phone or chat on instant messengers while your spouse is in a rehab center.  Make the effort to visit her as often as possible.  Remember, every day she is surrounded by strangers.  Seeing you will brighten her day and raise her spirits.  Although at the beginning you might not recognize the person you’re living with, chances are that you’ll grow to love her even more than before as she is being weaned off her addiction.

While it is true that doctors, counselors and other specialists at a rehab center, especially a Christian alcohol and drug rehab will do everything in their power to help the woman get well, it is not enough.  The family also has a role to play in the recovery.

Stanley Kessinger