How to Treat Myofascial Pain Syndrome with Ultrasound

Myofascial pain disorder is a condition at the trigger point in the muscles that can result in pain in unrelated body areas. The myofascial pain disorder can come as a result of repeated or overuse injury. While experiencing myofascial pain syndromes, the patient can experience tender muscle or chronic pain (trigger point)

Myofascial pain syndrome medication

Medication of myofascial pain disorder includes oral pain treatment, physical therapy, relaxation techniques, and local injections to minimize stress-persuaded flare-ups. The trigger points related to myofascial pain are regarded as latent or active. If trigger points are active, the research shows that the affected parts will also have limited motion range and muscle spasms.

With the aim of treating the symptoms, the combination of physical therapy modalities is required. An ultrasound therapy with Transcutaneous-Electrical-Nerve stimulation can be applied to minimize the pain intensity, increase the motion range and muscle spasm.

Physiotherapy college combination study

According to S.D.M Physiotherapy college combination study, the effect of therapy TENS and ultrasound in an active myofascial treatment trigger point by P.B  Mukkannavar and TENS are simultaneously used to resolve a trigger point pain and enhance motion range quickly.

Most offices of physical therapy have TENS and ultrasound units, but for someone to use them simultaneously, he must require enough preparation, time, and orchestration. That is where a combination unit becomes the essential tool for a clinic.

For instance, the combination of intensity CX4 Ultrasound TENS/therapy units offers the ability to cure up to three patients at a particular time with the combination therapy. In addition to reducing the time needed to provide the TENS and ultrasound simultaneously, an intensity CX4 has numerous benefits that medical must consider.

Advantages of InTENsity CX4

  • Wide range library with suggested electrode and treatment education placement
  • Best features that allow a store up of 99 traditional treatment programs.
  • Many waveform electrotherapies with 6 clinical waveform modalities.
  • The pulse which is efficient when curing trigger points and continuous modes.
  • Ergonomically planned 5 cm² sound head for an excellent ERA during medications.
  • With three years warranty, medical specialist can use InTENSity CX4 with no worries. With its storage capabilities and ergonomic design, it handles the consideration many clinics should consider.

The main concern of every physical therapy is to provide the best treatment possible. As such, it’s imperative to possess the highest quality tool. Myofascial pain syndrome merely is one of the most patient problems that can be solved with TENS and ultrasound combination therapy when used simultaneously. The InTENSity CX4 enables the medical specialist to offer the best care quality resulting to the success of higher satisfaction.


To treat myofascial pain disorder successfully with a physical therapy reduces a patient’s requirements and reliance on oral treatment and extreme treatments. Due to an ability that not only decreases but also terminates a trigger point related to the syndrome, TENS/ultrasound combination therapy is an essential component treatment solution for patients who suffer from of myofascial pain syndrome effects. For more information on the above, you can click here

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