Is Diabetes The Culprit Behind Weight Gain?

It s true that you often find news articles, blogs and write ups about staying healthy and fit on almost all websites, TV shows or magazines. However for those who face chronic medical conditions like diabetes, staying healthy can be a tedious task. The body weight of a person has a direct connection with the diabetes and vice versa.

Most often people are ignorant about the real reason behind their weight gain and often commit the mistake of not taking the required amount of insulin. In order to get rid of their uncontrolled diabetes weight gain, it is important to seek medical help immediately and take up blood tests to know their level of blood sugar.

Weight gain owing to undiagnosed diabetes

People are often worried about their unexplained weight gain, which makes them try fad diets or crash diets and strenuous exercises, which can make them even more tired. Those who have diabetes face issues such as having very less insulin.

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Type 1 Diabetes

People affected by Diabetes Type 1 will not have any insulin production taking place in their body. This is because the immunity system in their body destroys their cells that produce insulin. It is important for them to rely on insulin injections for their survival and have to take them for a lifetime to stay fresh and perform everyday activities without any issues.

Type 2 Diabetes

This type of diabetes prevents the ability of the patient’s body from absorbing insulin fully. Even though it does not cut down insulin fully, it limits it in a severe fashion.

Weight gain and diabetes

Weight gain is said to be a major side effect for those who are suffering from diabetes and use insulin that controls the level of glucose absorption through their body cells. If you have a high level of blood glucose then you might be hungry all the time, as your body will not consume the entire food you eat as your body cells would have absorbed it fully.

Most of the diabetes affected people realize very lately that it can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle and regular workouts.

Ellen Cone