Key Things to Know About an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Impacted wisdom tooth is one of the most painful oral health issues among adults. When one of the last four teeth does not have enough space to erupt out of the jaw, they can be considered as “impacted”. There are varying degrees of impaction and the level and type of impaction is assessed based on tooth location within the jawbone.

Read on to find out some of the key facts about impacted wisdom teeth and wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney.

Impacted wisdom teeth – a common phenomenon

During the early eras, when the human diet compromised of uncooked plants, nuts, meat and seeds, the wisdom teeth were actively used to grind harder food items. Human beings who belonged to these eras had a broader jaw line and the jawbone was big enough to accommodate wisdom teeth comfortably. However, when civilisation took over the evolution of man, the jaws began to shrink and spending towards wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney become a more prevalent thing.

Are all wisdom teeth impacted?

Not every human being has four wisdom teeth within their dental arch (some of them have none in fact). Some people have one or more wisdom teeth that may or may not be impacted. When the wisdom teeth are not impacted, the individual can stay away from extraction but however the risk of infection and decay still exists. If the wisdom teeth are impacted, then with no second thought, extraction is the only permanent solution to the problem.

Types of Impaction

Wisdom tooth impaction can be soft tissue impaction or bony impaction. When the crown of the tooth has emerged through the jawbone and the remaining part of the tooth is covered under the gums it is called soft tissue impaction. In some cases, the tooth may be submerged completely or partially within the jawbone and this type of impaction is called complete bony impaction or partial bony impaction respectively.

Impacted wisdom tooth – Symptoms or no symptoms?

Quite contrary to popular belief, an impacted wisdom tooth can exist for a long time without showcasing any significant symptoms. When an impacted tooth is ignored for a long time it can lead to serious problems like infection and gum disease. When the impaction reaches this stage, the treatment becomes more complex and the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney becomes considerably more.

While pain is the most common symptom of impacted wisdom teeth, other signs such as mild swelling around the jaw area, bad odour from the mouth, bleeding gums, difficulty in opening the mouth and frequent swelling of lymph nodes can also indicate high potential for impaction of wisdom teeth.

If you are experiencing any of these signs frequently, then it is time to find a dentist who offers cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

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