Kratom for premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation happens when a man releases semen before or just after having sex. It is an uncontrollable feeling which can lower a man’s self esteem or affect relationships. Even though it is a common occurrence in men, the condition has no specific cause. Some men may ejaculate prematurely when anxious, depressed, under medication or even when they have sex with someone new. Some men manage to overcome the condition while others don’t and that is when they seek for treatment. Kratom however has been found to treat the condition so continue reading for more information.


– Also known as Mitragyna speciosa, kratom is a type of tree found in the South Eastern part of Asia which has leaves containing opioid. Its leaves are mostly used to relieve pain or uplift moods and they are also sold in powder or gum form. Some people have used the herb to control alcohol and other addiction habits but there is no enough evidence to support its effectiveness in that.Image result for Kratom can also help premature ejaculation and enhance sex

– Due to its analgesic property, the herb can also be used to treat opiate withdrawal and diarrhea. It is very effective when it comes to prolonged ejaculation because it is an aphrodisiac and can last for long hours within the body just minutes after consumption.

– Back then, farmers used the herb to stimulate themselves hence it is also effective for increasing sex performance. It is during stimulation that the sex organs are enhanced and the analgesic effects of the herbs are able to regulate sensitivity therefore prolonging the ejaculation. When taken moderately, the herb can also be used to improve erections because of its ability to relax muscles.  

Dosage and side effects

– The herb is not approved by the FDA for human consumption but it is sold everywhere. Some people just chew their leaves while others use the powder in juice or tea. It also has a number of side effects like nausea, constipation, itchiness, dry mouth, to name a few and it may lead to addiction if taken for long periods. Insomnia, aggression or changes of emotions are some of the symptoms of kratom addiction so one needs to be cautious.

– The herb can to increase desire but when taken too much, it can lower a man’s libido and sexual drive so one is highly advised to use them in moderation. 


– One feels more outgoing and adventurous when using the herb so it really enhances sexual experience and sensations. Users who don’t experience orgasm can also try it for continued pleasure. Get well hydrated and avoid tobacco or alcohol if you want the herb to work appropriately. You can also try new sex techniques with your partner to help you delay the ejaculation process. Communication is very important and once you explain your problem to your partner, both of you can work it out. Online Kratom wholesale vendors now provide low costs plus wide range of selection on the market.

Stanley Kessinger