Learn All About Self-Administration: Glutathione Skin Whitening Injection

Glutathione skin whitening injection is a rage among beauty-enhancement enthusiasts. These intravenous injectables come in combination with Vitamin C for an effective skin-lightening treatment.

You can go for a complete therapy of Glutathione injection skin whitening treatment and get these dosages administered to your skin at a therapist’s clinic. However, that is not the only way forward. You can also do this on your own by administering yourself intravenously with the Glutathione injection.

The compounds do not possess any risk of allergy because your body is used to this compound as it forms naturally in your cells. However, as a precautionary measure for effect of a foreign object on your body, it is better to go for a skin allergy test if you are a first time user before you start with the self-administration.

Things you would need:

  1. The Glutathione powder – You can buy this powder from an online store that sells beauty enhancing products. The dosages come in a variation of 500mg and 1000mg. Consult your dermatologist who will suggest you the right dosage of this skin whitening injection depending upon your skin pigmentation and the shades you are planning to lighten.

  1. A 10 ml syringe – You would need this syringe to inject the compound in your muscle. Some Glutathione packages also come with ready to use syringes. Check for one. If not included, buy from your local pharmacy.

  1. A butterfly I.V. set – This intravenous set comes with a 23 or 25 gauge butterfly needle and a small tube for injecting.

  1. 5 ml sterile water to inject – Since Glutathione injectable compound comes in powder form, you would need sterile water to make the injectable solution. You can also use normal saline solution (NSS) for the skin whitening injection. In the case of Glutax injectable, you won’t need one as it is available in liquid form.

  1. Vitamin C injectable – It is optional. If you want to bring in the potential effects of Vitamin C through this therapy, include its ampule to the solution. You can also regularly take oral capsules during the therapy sessions.

The frequency of injectable administration

You can administer the Glutathione injection skin whitening two times a week. Once you have achieved considerable results, reduce the frequency to once in two weeks for maintaining the skin-tone.

The ‘how-to’ of injecting Glutathione

Since these injections are available in two different variants, i.e. aqua variant and Glutax variant, you need to choose between the two and follow accordingly. For any of them, you need to drink plenty of water 2-4 hours before injecting.

  • For aqua skin variant

  • Mix one vial of the powder with 5 ml sterile water or NSS. If you want to include an additional ampule like Vitamin C or other nutrient boosters, mix them as well.
  • Inject through intravenous push slowly expanding over 20 minutes.

  • For Glutax variant

  • Mix the content in a dosage of one vial, one small ampule and a big ampule. You can add sterile water as a choice.
  • Administer the skin whitening injection slowly within the next 15-20 minutes.

There you go, done with the injection. Follow this process in every session of the therapy. You will find it bearing same result as a clinical therapy.

Ellen Cone