What to Look Out For While Choosing Your Rebounder


The last few years has seen uplift in fitness and wellness, athlete-leisure attire is now commonly worn on the streets. Rebounding, like many other exercise trends, has caught on rapidly. Many gyms now offer rebounding fitness classes which are taken up quickly by the dozens. If you have gone for a rebounding class, enjoyed it and want to do more yet cannot seem to make those gym timings, perhaps it is time to look at getting a rebounder of your very own. What should you look at before making your first rebounder purchase? Let’s find out!

Price Point is always important

How much should you be setting aside for your rebounder? Most people have an invisible line in their minds beyond which they are unwilling to spend. A quick check online shows that rebounder prices range from 60 USD to 700 USD. What causes this price disparity? It lies in the materials used and the location of manufacture. The cheapest at 60 USD comes from China while the most expensive at 700 USD comes from Germany.

Online reviews

Having selected a few rebounder brands which you are keen to try, go online to look at the reviews from past customers. Are they easy to use? Good quality? Online reviews tend to give an accurate indication of the product bought and can either warn you about a product or set your mind at ease about the product you are about to buy.


Of course all things will spoil with use but you want to make sure that your rebounders have warranty in the event it starts breaking down pre-maturely! Different rebounder companies offer different length of years in their warranty, with most rebounders having an average 5 year warranty. Look for a warranty length which you are comfortable with while looking for your rebounder of choice.


With all these pointers, we recommend the Needak rebounder for consideration. In terms of price point, the Needak sits in the affordable range at 280 USD, far below the highest price of 700 USD. It is manufactured in the United States using good quality mats and springs meant to absorb impact while you exercise. This reduces the impact on your knees, preventing unnecessary injury.

Also, the Needak rebounder serves 40% of rebounder market, yet consistently gets a 97% review from satisfied customers on neutral third party sites such as Amazon, Ebay and Google. With that, prospective clients can read these reviews and have assurance in the product they are looking to get.

Needak rebounder is made of high quality materials and has a 5 year warrenty for the mat, 2 years for the springs. This is the average length of warrenty across all its competitors, some offering a slighly variation of 4 years on mat, 1 year on frame warrenty.

Looking at how Needak compares against it’s competitors, it should definitely be one of the rebounder brands for consideration while you look for your exercise equipment!    

Ellen Cone