Losing 10 pounds from a Nutrisystem Diet can make all the difference

The Lean 13 diet plan from Nutrisystem is for all of us who wants quick weight loss results. Nutrisystem Lean 13 plan boasts to take off 7 inches from your waistline and 13 pounds of your weight in just 1 month.

This is an incredible promise for people who want to get rid of the extra flab. Yet, it can also be a test of discipline and determination. But what if after a month you only got a weight loss of 10 pounds? Would that mean that you are a failure?

No! Dropping off 10 pounds from your current weight may not look impressive while on the Lean 13, but it makes a world of difference. Studies back this claim. Studies show that losing just a few inches from your waistline can definitely lengthen your life while making you feel better.

Here are the benefits gained from the 10 pounds weight loss:

  • Stabilize your blood sugar levels

The Hemoglobin A1C test is the lab screening to determine if you have diabetes. A 6.5 or lower rate score is considered as normal levels. Half point average can be dropped from the scoring rate of blood sugar glucose by a 10-pound weight loss. The weight loss is as effective as taking in medicines for diabetes. The risk of acquiring diabetes is cut by as much as 58% when a weight loss between 5-10 pounds is taken off the body. This was discovered by researchers from Johns Hopkins.

  • Reduces the risk of developing osteoarthritis

If you already have osteoarthritis, dropping 10 pounds off your current weight will definitely take off pressure as much as 40 pounds off your knees. This means a natural pain reliever every time you walk. Johns Hopkins experts showed this result in a study they made for weight loss.

  • Normalize blood pressure

A study involving 2,000 participants was conducted to see how the blood pressure reading can be affected by a weight loss of 10 pounds or less. The results showed a dramatic drop of 3 points from the diastolic (it is the bottom number BP reading that means the applied pressure between heartbeats). The systolic reading (it is the upper number BP reading that calculates the pressure as the heart tightens) dived by as much as 4.5 points. The normal blood pressure reading should always be 120/80.

  • Enjoy sexual relations

Your sex life is bound to improve dramatically with the weight loss of 10 pounds. A study supports this when they found that an average weight loss of only 13 percent in the participants made them felt more attractive and less inhibited about showing their bodies. The weight loss gave them extra boosts of positive body image that made them confident about undressing before their partners.

  • Drop by as much as 50 percent the risk of acquiring breast cancer

Several forms of cancer are caused by the chemicals found in fat cells. An overload of fatty cells in the body increases the risk of acquiring breast cancer and other forms of cancer. This is backed by the American Institute for Cancer Research.

  • Gives you a longer life span

A million participants were brought under a British study which found these surprising results:

  • An early death of 3 years from their expected life span with moderately overweight people with 30 to 35 BMI or Body Mass Index scores
  • An early death by as much as 10 years from their expected life span with severely overweight people with 40 to 50 BMI scores

  • Reduce risk of heart disease

Mayo Clinic says that HDL or the heart-protective cholesterol increases by 1 point with every weight loss of 6 pounds. Acquiring a higher HDL score can significantly lower your chances of acquiring heart conditions.

  • 50 percent lower risk of heart attack

An overload of fatty cells in the body can send off chemical reactions that produce all kinds of inflammation. Stroke and heart attack are caused by inflammations that trigger blood clots. The fatty and hardened deposits accumulated in the arteries of the heart are also caused by fatty cell inflammations. Dropping off 10 pounds cuts cholesterol levels by 10 percent as well as stopping inflammation in its tracks.

  • Helps you to sleep better

OSA or obstructive sleep apnea is a sleeping condition that causes snoring and gasping for air. This condition can be health-debilitating as it robs you of a good night’s sleep. High blood pressure and fatigue are the risk factors for this disease. A weight drop of 10 pounds can dramatically improve the condition.

In closing

The 10-pound loss may seem like a drop in the bucket especially when you need to lose more. Yet, the health benefits gained from that small weight loss is tremendous. Nutrisystem diet programs are in place to help you gain back your health as you shed off more weight.

Going on a healthy diet and becoming more physically active are the keys to better your chances of losing more weight. Grab the chance to live longer, healthier, and happier by achieving your weight loss goals.