Make Massage Therapy Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

The health benefits of massage therapy are now receiving recognition by physicians and hospitals as a compliment to traditional medicine. Massage is no longer confined to Toronto’s best spas and hotels. This particular therpay is now part of the treatment plan at many of the city’s major hospitals and medical clinics that have recognized massage as part of the healing process. Massage therapy also helps to alleviate and prevent injuries such as sports related injuries.

There are four primary types of massage which are used: Swedish Massage is a gentle form of massage using long strokes by the therapist and is generally very relaxing. Deep Tissue Massage uses more pressure so as to penetrate to injured or sore muscle tissue. Sports Massage, which is similar to it Swedishcountepart, is focused on the stresses associated with athletics. Trigger Point Massage is focused upon a specific area of muscle tissue that is sore or has been injured. While all four are used for specific types of treatment used by Danforth message therapy clinics, Swedish massage is the most recognized and used in the treatment of stress and anxiety.2

Registered practitioners in the city — especially in the Danforth — understand the physical, mental, and emotional benefits their work can have on clients. A clinic located in the Danforth, such as Medical Massage Boutique, the latest medical techniques to reduce stress, pain and muscle tension. Their commitment to your well-being extends beyond their tables. They’ve even simplified the way you can pay for your therapy, making it one of the few locations you can get direct billing massage therapy in Toronto.

Regarding the physical and emotional benefits of a Danforth massage, one example is its effects on pre- and post- partum massage for new mothers. Pre-partum massage can help ease the soreness of muscles associated with pregnancy. It is also helpful in relaxing the mother to be and thereby reduces anxieties associated with the upcoming delivery. Postpartum massage is helpful in reducing the pains associated with the delivery. Before or after birth, massage provides relief from pain without the use of drugs that could be passed to the child.

Medical studies so far conducted have indicated that massage therapy may also be useful in the treatment of anxiety, digestive disorders, sports injuries, headaches, insomnia related to stress, and many other common ailments. Whether you require pre-natal, sports, deep tissue, Swedish, or Trigger Point massage, you can reduce or even eliminate the need for drug therapy or painkillers. Of course, that is not to say that massage is not addictive. It can be but in a good way!

Vernon Connelly