Male Fertility and Weight: What the Studies Say

For many men, the concept of infertility can be hard to get their heads around. When you look at yourself, it’s often impossible to spot any kind of problems with you.

However, infertility isn’t like having a lump or a spot; it’s not a stand-out physical condition. It’s hidden from sight, which means that the only way to find out if you are infertile is to try and find that you cannot.

That being said, fertility is rather fluid. Over the years, many studies have been taken to look closer into what could cause infertility – and what we can do to help combat the problems that such a condition may cause.

For example, it’s common that you might then choose to spend some time looking at your sexual habits. Are you perhaps doing something wrong? Maybe it’s down to lifestyle habits. All manner of recreational activities is linked with a drop-off in your ability to reproduce.

One of the most common lifestyle activities linked with your infertility, though, is weight. While not all overweight people will suffer from fertility, the best place to start for ruling out potential causes is your weight.

The Link Between Male Fertility and Weight Gain

Several studies in the past have been produced on the impact of our weight on fertility. One study carried out found that there is a link in the ability to produce a child and the weight of the body. However, both weight gain and weight loss can have an issue. Someone who is underweight may just be as likely to suffer from this problem as someone who suffers from weight gain and obesity.

For that reason, the main challenge that you have is to better balance out your weight and take a more proactive approach to improving your physical condition. Indeed, the BBC Science section also reports that other issues involved your weight can come into play as by-product. For example, poor nutrition could play a potential role in having poor fertility issues. This usually comes from a low-quality diet that is then also linked to weight gain.

If you are gaining weight, then you are likely eating poorly. If you are eating poorly, then you are doing nothing to give your body the chance to fight back against and combat the issues that you facing. For that reason, you should always look to understand and appreciate that many of the issues involved with weight gain also play a role in infertility.

Form poor eating habits to excessive intake of recreational drugs, even alcohol and cigarettes, can play a role. With many of these issues interlinked, it’s easy to see why there is a general level of alertness around the potential problems that you may come across when it comes to weight gain and fertility.

Make no mistake, though; losing weight will do you no harm in your bid to procreate. So long as you maintain in the weight balance suggested by your doctor, you should help to facilitate a healthier body overall.

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