Massage Chair for Best Relax in Household

Sometimes your daily life is moving very fast without any relax or taking a break. In that situation, probably you are seeking for a good massage at a spa or by a house therapist. Now another question is all that stressing you out even more by eating up your bank account? Do not take more stress, there is a massage chair for saving your grace.  Here we give the massage chair reviews of Osaki Os-4000.

The Osaki Os-4000 massage chair is a purpose to build to fit into any environment such as your home or your office. This chair is the ultimate form of the luxury comfort zone, and there are no pilling masseuse bills. The massage chair reviews by users is absolutely positive. People love to use the Osaki Os-4000 massage chair. This chair reclines to the max, massages nice and hard. The hardness depends upon your choice, and it relaxes you into a deep sleep.


  • Name:-  Osaki Os-4000
  • Net Weight:-  255 Pounds
  • Chair Dimension (L*W*H):-  25 * 31 * 34 inches
  • Rated Voltage:-  110-120V
  • Rated Frequency:-  50/60 Hz
  • Rated Power:-  250W
  • Rating: – 3.5 out of 5.


  1. Computer Body Scan Technology with Auto Leg Scanning: – This chair is able to scan your body shape to effectively gauge your body size. After the scan, it can automatically adjust to accommodate this size. This chair has a custom personalized system, you would adjust this chair as per your need. The massager is capable of adjusting as per your leg’s length.
  2. Intelligent S -Track Detection: – The S-Track rolling system is vertically integrated and is build for performing like hand massage for different of your body contours and spiral shapes. The in-built massage motion is work on your vertebrae to ensure all stresses would be relieved.
  3. Stage Zero-Gravity Positioning: – The in-build Zero Gravity technique ensures that your body weight would be spread out so you feel almost weightless while the massage running. With the fully reclined level gives you a therapeutic effect that would felt instantly.
  4. Air Cell Massage Technology: – This technology is very advanced and is composed of a unique design. This system can cover all key body parts like as shoulders, calves, feet, and arms. The air cells are programmed for aerated separately, as a result of the body to twist and deep stretch.
Ellen Cone