Men’s Hair Loss – 10 Interesting Facts to know

Hair loss is a common problem that usually occurs in every person’s life. Here we have some interesting facts about Men’s hair loss that you should never miss to know. These 10 important facts not only help in giving a clear knowledge about the situation but can also tell some useful treatments too.

Here are the following Men’s Hair Loss Facts –

1) Androgenic alopecia is known as the male pattern baldness (one type of hair loss which occurs at centre on top of the head). This affects often 50% of each & every man over 55 years old.

2) Androgens known as the main reason for pattered are due to a made up of sex hormones. The development of male sex organs & secondary males sex characteristics stimulated by these hormones.

3) Men’s normal hair growth is greatly affected by Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. It clings to men’s hair follicles making them not able to absorb essential nutrients for growing hair.

4)  The effects of this is that it initially forms as thin patches on the centre of the head and some other areas as well. It then begins to disappear and begins to thin.

5)  For a bigger period of time, if androgenic alopecia is untreated it will start to starve for nutrients from the hair follicles until they are no longer thin but gone. It is how baldness occurs.

6)  The Options for treatment are very limited and sometimes little can be done in the late stage of Alopecia. They can have fixed options to select from.

7) During the early stages of alopecia such as when the hair is getting too thin but is still visible, they are instructed to use DHT blockers to somehow stop, slow and even reverse hair loss.

8) During the early to middle stages of alopecia, Minoxidil (Rogaine) &Finasteride (Propecia) are the only approved men’s hair loss treatments by the FDA

9) Finasteride (Propecia) has a success rate of 82% as researchers said. Although, with its fine success rate there can still be some side-effects for men’s hair loss and there is the major risk for sexual side-effects.

10) Minoxidil is mainly used as a medication for blood pressure. But this is also used for hair regrowth. The same as with Minoxidil, Propecia can also have some side-effects such as unwanted & excessive hair growth.

If you are suffering from hair loss, these 10 facts about men’s hair loss should have enlightened your mind.  We hope it helps you educate as to the why’s and how’s of the conditions and also necessary treatment options that you know really exist.

There may be many reasons for the thinning and the loss of hair and many of them can be the result of the treatments procedures carried out during specific diseases. The loss of hair can also be because of the Vitiligo Treatment or the Psoriasis Treatment. We should avoid from getting any sort of stress or depression and look for the alternatives to cure the problem forever.