Metronidazole: The Wonder Drug

The World Health Organization has considered metronidazole as one of the safest and most effective drugs. But people have to take it under professional medical supervision. This will lessen the negative effects that it can bring. Those who might have been prescribed with metronidazole, they would most likely want to understand its basic function as well as the side effects. Here are a few facts about this antibiotic:

How is it applied? – Those who are in the medical profession already understand that this medicine comes in three forms. It can be taken orally. This is usually how doctors prescribe metronidazole to pregnant women. They are supposed to take it three times a day for seven days. It is imperative for their partners to have themselves checked because it is highly possible that they will be prescribed the same medicine.

Nonpregnant women have the option of directly applying metronidazole gel on the affected part. Their doctors would advise them to do this once a day for five consecutive days. Their partners are often prescribed the same medication even if they show no symptoms. Although there are other drugs that have been formulated to combat the same bacteria, the rates of success are not as good.

Does it have side effects? – Patients orally taking metronidazole would often complain of a metallic after taste. Beside its bitter taste, patients would experience nausea, dizziness, diarrhea accompanied by severe stomach pain, vomiting and weight loss. On the other hand, those who have it intravenously administered can experience thrombophlebitis. Those who are taking this medicine on higher dosage will notice that their urine is now of darker color. They are also in greater risk of developing peripheral neuropathy.

If one is not careful with their intake while they are under medication, they can also experience other side effects. This is likely to happen to those who consume alcohol while taking metronidazole. They can experience shortness of breath as well as flushing of the skin. Medical practitioners would tell patients to stay away from alcoholic beverages for at least forty-eight hours after taking their last metronidazole. There is also a possibility that they can develop a central toxic serotonin reaction.

With proper dosage, metronidazole can do wonders that other antibiotics can’t. This medicine has been proven to be a wonder drug. But it has to be taken under the supervision of a medical practitioner so as to lessen the risks. One can purchase it in a pharmacy or buy from UK meds.

Dee Jones