Duodenal Switch: The Most Effective Surgical Weight Loss Method

Duodenal switch is a highly effective surgical procedure that reroutes your intestines and removes the gallbladder for quicker and greater weight loss benefits. The procedure involves removing some percentage of your stomach, which reduces the quantity of food that you will eat at any single time.

The Duodenal Switch procedure offers numerous benefits that include successful resolution of obesity-related comorbidities, successful long-term and post operation excess weight loss (EWL) and improved quality of life. In fact, the various studies have put the success rate of duodenal switch surgery as high as 94 percent in helping maintain excess weight loss and an immediate success rate of up to 82 percent.

How Duodenal Switch Works

During the procedure, the doctor permanently removes a significant percentage of your stomach, which leaves you with a smaller vertically oriented stomach. By reducing the capacity of your stomach, the surgeon helps lower the food that you will need to eat to feel full. When conducting the procedure, the surgeon preserves all the important elements of your stomach and intestines that control the functionality of your digestive systems such as the pylorus, nerves and the antrum, which results in a smaller stomach that functions like normal.


The surgeon also reroutes your intestines to reduce significantly the calorie intake for long-term weight loss benefits. The surgeon divides the first section of your small intestines, the duodenum and connects it at the end of your intestines. It is imperative to understand that the first section of your intestine carries the digestive juices while the last section is where the food and juices mix. Absorption of calories and nutrients also take part in the common channel and thus, by reducing the length of the common channel, the surgeon decreases the likelihood of weight regain in the future.

During the procedure, the surgeon also removes the part that produces the ghrelin hormone, which is the appetite hormone together with the stretchy outer portion of your stomach, resulting in significant decrease in hunger and food consumption. Furthermore, by rerouting your intestines, the surgeon helps bring food quicker to the lowest portion of your intestines, which results in the release of the appetite-suppressing hormones for superior weight loss and maintenance.


What should you expect during and after the procedure? 

Patients who have undergone duodenal switch surgery have the highest success rate with the lowest likeliness of weight regain largely due to the effectiveness of combining the intake restriction and the substantial calorie malabsorption. Therefore, you should expect to lose between 80 to 100 percent of your unhealthy weight roughly within 9 months after the surgery. In addition to helping you quickly and effectively lose weight, the procedure is also useful at resolving obesity-related issues such as obstructive apnea, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

The duration of this surgical treatment differs based on the anatomy and past surgical history of the patient, but you can expect it to last between one and two hours. The surgeon may also recommend that you spend two nights at the hospital. You may also experience slight pain as well as other normal surgical risks.

Stanley Kessinger