Natural HGH Alternatives: How to Choose

Human growth hormone deficiency is always taken as a condition that only affects kids. Interestingly this notion is wrong and HGH deficiency can affect anyone at any age. Irrespective of your gender you are more likely to be affected from deficiency of growth hormones as you enter your late 30s. Medical studies also provide evidences that with age growth hormone levels drop. In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine it was reported that older men have lower levels of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor than in younger adult males. The study concluded that “growth hormone administration to the body” can help restore HGH levels.

What to avoid?

HGH therapy often involves use of synthetic human growth hormone supplements that can be expensive at the same time potentially harmful. It is better to use natural HGH supplements that can help restore body health without any side effects. You are better off without injecting synthetic growth hormone in your body.

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Here we are going to suggest some natural HGH alternatives that will help you with muscle building, anti aging, enhancing body energy and every other benefit you are seeking.


One of the most potent HGH alternatives, L-glutamine is known to raise the level of plasma GH levels as shown in a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It is also one of the most abundant amino acid found in human body; therefore using it for your benefit won’t be tough. You can get glutamine in abundance from natural HGH pills and sprays. Also dietary sources like fish, beef, beets and chicken are rich sources.

Adequate Rest

Lifestyle of today leaves very little space for us to rest and sleep for adequate time. You need to know that HGH production mostly takes place when we are asleep. That is why uninterrupted and regular sleeping pattern is an efficient and natural alternative for HGH supplements. Poor sleeping patterns hamper HGH secretion. You should avoid every habit that can interrupt your sleep like caffeine, smoking, alcohol and eating just before going to bed.


Active lifestyle is very effective is forcing body to secrete growth hormone and not to mention hundreds of other benefits exercising has to offer.

Take up endurance and resistance training exercises to boost your growth hormone level naturally. According to a study published in the English Journal of Sports Medicine, athletes who worked out with less recovery time between sets and lift heavier weights in less repetitions exhibit more growth hormone release.

These are three predominant alternatives for synthetic HGH supplements that help you boost growth hormone production naturally.

Ellen Cone