One Doctor for All Your Needs

Women now represent the majority of the American population, and they will all need health care through their lives. Many women have concluded that they should have an OB/GYN and a family practice doctor. While it certainly isn’t bad to have more physicians in your corner, what usually happens is the patient isolates each side and doesn’t allow for overlap. While there may be things that you need an OB/GYN for, most women could use their primary care physician as their OB/GYN and the benefits there are clear.

  1. Your Primary Care Doctor knows you Better than Anyone

For many people their primary care doctor is their first line of defense. They are the first they call with a cold, the flu, mental health concerns, or more. Due to that broad and consistent expertise, many family doctors will see you more than other physicians and will be more informed about you and your life and better equipped to understand you.

  1. Your Primary Care Doctor Can See the Big Picture

Your primary care doctor is used to dealing with the whole person. They don’t have the luxury of focusing in on one medical system. Their practice is based on dealing with whatever walks in the door. That gives them a unique perspective by allowing them to see your conditions as part of a bigger picture and could help inform a more serious issue before it arises. Especially with an independent clinic like Treasure Valley Family Medicine.

  1. Your Primary Care Would Treat You for Other Needs Too

Many women may be concerned if their family doctor is a man, and feel more comfortable with a female physician. This can be a real worry, but rest assured that your family doctor is just as equipped to deal with your gynecological concerns and they are your other issues.