Optimistic features of oral anabolic steroids

Oral anabolic steroids are known for their traits, purposes and benefits. They are the commonly used steroids due to their fast working nature. Bodybuilders search for the best oral steroids to get amazing results. While some of the steroids are toxic in nature, there are others that are user friendly. The mild anabolic steroids are immensely popular among the female athletes because they do not cause virilization effects. Anavar and Primobolan are two popular oral anabolic compounds that fall under this category. In general, the oral steroids should not be used for more than 6 weeks of time.

Oral steroids are popular among the athletes and the bodybuilders for different reasons. Many do not prefer the injectables and others prefer the convenience that oral steroids offer. Most of the popular anabolic steroids come in the oral form but not all of them are used for bulking. Before finding the best steroid for strentgh, bulking and cutting, you need to be aware of the different gains provided by different steroids. Some of the gains are caused due to water retention and these gains are difficult to maintain. Thus, to find out the best oral steroids for muscle strength and gain, you need to do a sort of research.

Best steroid for muscle gain

Most of the users prefer oral steroids just for the convenience of dosing. You will not require any syringe to buy, just take the tablet when needed. The oral steroids are powerhouses in terms of muscle mass and strength. They act rapidly and leave the system quickly too. Among the many oral steroids available for bulking, bodybuilders prefer to use Anadrol, a perfect compound to begin any anabolic steroid cycle along with testosterone. It can add mass upto 10 pounds or more in as less as 4-6 weeks. This anabolic compound has a high anabolic rating, almost three times more than testosterone but a relatively low androgenic rating.

The best oral steroid for female athletes is Anavar. It does not cause side effects like virilization among women, making it a great choice for women. According to the users, this compound promotes muscle gain, strength and endurance. Further, it also enhances strength, builds stamina and promotes fat loss. It is one of the few oral anabolic steroids that can be used by both males and females safely because of its well-tolerated nature. As this steroid does not aromatize, the weight gained is lean muscle mass and water retention is almost impossible. It is an excellent bulking steroid for women and the muscle gains are much easier to hold on.

Using oral steroids safely

Most oral steroids are known to cause liver damage so do not pair two oral anabolic steroids and also do not consume alcohol during the cycle. Stay hydrated and avoid drugs that can cause liver damage. Some oral steroids such as Dianabol, known among the bodybuilders for strength, bulking and cutting can transform into estrogen, so it is better to run a post-cycle therapy or PCT. A PCT shall boost up the natural production of testosterone in the body. As the use of oral compounds will suppress the ability of the body to produce natural testosterone, it is recommended to run a testosterone base along with the oral steroid only cycle.


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