Oral Surgery and Wisdom Teeth Removal!

Wisdom teeth extraction involves removal one or more wisdom teeth positioned at the back of the mouth on both upper and lower jaws. Wisdom teeth are permanent adult teeth that grow during the teen ages. If it doesn’t have adequate space to grow, it will result in infection or other problems that you will likely need to have it removed. An oral surgeon or a dentist can do wisdom teeth extraction. When the time comes for wisdom teeth removal, we suggest you visit an experienced dentist who affords cheap wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney.

Why are Wisdom Teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth are removed usually because of the damage they impose on the surrounding teeth. They may force the rest of the teeth and push together, creating an overlap. In some cases, they may be just uncomfortable and should be removed.

While others grow impacted, which means instead of coming through the gums properly, they come out sideways. In this case, wisdom teeth become a more severe problem, and your dentist will be ready to remove them off.

How many Wisdom Teeth should be removed?

It is possible to remove just one of the four wisdom teeth. However, people often choose to have them removed all at once. This saves money and time. Also, you will be put under anaesthesia only once and will have to go through the recovery phase once.

The affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney also includes anaesthesia to help you feel no pain during the procedure. However, there might be some lingering pain for the next few days after the procedure.

How about the Day of the Surgery?

On the day of the surgery, someone should accompany you to drop you off at the appointment and take you back home because it is not advised to drive immediately following general anaesthesia.

After reaching home, taking good rest is the best thing you can do for yourself as it heals and recovers. Have someone be with you for the next few hours after the procedure to help you take the pain medications and monitor the usage of ice packs.

Ice packs are placed on the jawline and cheeks to subside the pain. Your dentist, after the procedure, will press a piece of gauze down on the surgical area to get the bleeding stop. When the anaesthesia worn off, you will have a piece gauze on your mouth, which you should keep changing until the bleeding stops completely.

What are the changes in diet required after wisdom teeth removal Sydney?

Post wisdom teeth removal, your dentist will instruct you to make a few changes in your diet for a few days. As the wisdom teeth area is situated at the back of the mouth, you will not be able to chew properly until it heals. Go for soft foods like ice creams, soup, and puddings. These are a lot easier to eat and will provide you with nourishments. While avoiding hard foods, you must not give up on the essential nutrients your body will need. Do not use a straw for a couple of days, but you can drink out of a cup.

Get your cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney now and flaunt your smile.

May Capobianco