Outpatient Rehab and Detox – Is It Right for You? 

Detox from drugs and alcohol is a difficult time. It’s key for an individual wanting to gain a healthy, sober lifestyle to have support—not only from loved ones, but also from people that are knowledgeable in ways to help the addict maintain a sober way of living.

Once you’ve made your decision to gain a new healthy lifestyle, you then must decide what type of program will work best for you. There are two primary types of detox available to individuals seeking recovery: Inpatient and outpatient. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of outpatient drug and alcohol detox in Delray Beach, FL and its surrounding area.Image result for Outpatient Rehab and Detox - Is It Right for You?

What Is Outpatient Rehab and Detox?

Outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction consists of daily treatment at either a large treatment center, such as a hospital-like setting, or in a home. The patient is free to return home to perform necessary duties including working or going to school.

How Long Does Outpatient Services Last?

Depending on the severity of addiction and how the addict is responding, outpatient rehab and detox last between one to three months. In some instances, treatment can last up to a year.

How Can Outpatient Treatment be Beneficial?

One of the most important perks of receiving outpatient services is cost. Inpatient rehab and detox is quite costly and many people can’t afford the extensive bill. Outpatient treatment lowers the overall cost, making it possible to receive the needed assistance. As mentioned above, an individual is free to return home for responsibilities such as work or school. If is also beneficial if the addict has a strong support system available to them.

Outpatient Rehab and Detox – Is It Right for You?

Outpatient rehab works well for individuals whose addiction isn’t as severe as those who may need inpatient care. There are instances where outpatient treatment is not beneficial to an individual seeking recovery. This can include individuals that have a history of relapse. It isn’t advisable for addicts that have a very stressful home environment. Addicts that are known to be harmful to themselves or to others should not consider outpatient treatment as their first option.

What to Expect from an Outpatient Program

Once you’ve decided to utilize an outpatient program for drug and alcohol detox in Delray Beach, FL, you’ll be able to work with counselors that are knowledgeable about both active addiction and ways to gain a sober lifestyle. You’ll meet with other addicts that are willing to help you maintain sobriety, and you’ll have access to meetings. Meetings and counseling will help you to learn the steps of a recovery program and help you gain the confidence needed to work the steps.

Whether you as an addict are seeking a sober lifestyle, it’s best to start by using an inpatient or outpatient treatment program.

Ellen Cone