How does owning a Dog Helps you Live Longer

Every person has strived to live longer; at least they have looked forward to learning the secrets to a longer life. It would not be wrong to suggest that one among the several secrets has been the companionship of man’s best friend.

A study in Sweden has revealed an association between owning a dog and reduced risk of early demise. The study entailed approximately 3.4 million Swedes between the ages of 40 to 80. These people owned a dog, which resulted in considerably lower risk of death from heart disease or other conditions associated with early death among the people across the world.

Reduced number of early deaths

The research established the reduction in number of early deaths among the people owning a dog. The study revealed that dog owners were lower on cardiovascular disease risks. The CVD or cardiovascular disease has been the major cause of death across the world. In addition, they found that people who owned a dog and lived alone would have one-third the risk of early death from cardiovascular disease. The researchers also pinpointed the specific breed of dogs owned would reduce the risk of early deaths from CVD. Among the popular hunting breeds, the retriever, terrier and scent hound’s owners were at the lowest risk of early deaths from CVD.

Benefits of owning a dog

Several benefits have been associated with longer life and owning a dog. People would be more active and likely to exercise or indulge in any kind of physical activity when they own a dog. Apart from physical health, the dog owners would alleviate their psychological stress such as social isolation, loneliness and depression.

Acorn Stairlifts believe that dog owners have been known to interact more with other people, especially the dog walkers. It would not be wrong to suggest that owning a dog has been associated with dog owners likely to recover and rehabilitate at a quick pace following an accident or after undergoing any medical procedure.


May Capobianco