Plastic surgery trends around the world


It’s no secret that different cultures have different ideas about how we should look. What’s considered beauty in one society might not turn any heads at all in another. For example, a necklift is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the UK and America, but it is relatively uncommon in many other countries. Actually, what surgeries people seek out around the world can tell us a lot about the differences between various societies.

We’ve already mentioned the good old USA, but nearby Brazil has the second highest number of plastic surgeries per year of any country. What plastic surgeries people have is a good way to gauge what the standards of beauty are like in a country. In Brazil, the most popular two surgeries among women are breast and butt enlargements, while the men are opting for muscle enhancements, particularly on their pecs and abs.

Travelling further afield to South Korea, and there’s a very different picture. Indeed, like much of South East Asia, Koreans are far more likely to have facial surgeries than body shaping procedures. With that in mind, some of the most popular procedures include double eyelid surgeries, jawline reductions and nose jobs.  The goal of all of this is to create what is considered an ‘ideal’ facial type, rather than the Brazilian emphasis on having a ‘perfect’ body.

It’s not just standards of beauty which affect the popularity of different plastic surgeries globally. Lifestyle can play a major part too. Of course, what we eat and how much exercise we do is inevitably going to impact how we look. So what does it say about the British that the most popular cosmetic surgery is liposuction?  However, it should be said that society’s idea of what is or isn’t attractive still plays an important part here, and like many Western countries, the British put a massive emphasis on weight.

Not every country’s plastic surgery trends reflect their own citizens, however. In recent years, Turkey has established itself as the leading destination for Europeans seeking hair transplants. It’s even become a popular option among celebrities. There are a number of reasons behind this, including low prices and an impeccably high standard of care. It’s also just a fantastic excuse for a holiday, which is always nice.

So you see, there is a massive amount of variation around the world in terms of which plastic surgeries are the most popular. Who knows, we may even begin to see more of these gaining ground in the US one day soon too.


Dee Jones