Pregnancy Tests: What You Need to Know

Becoming a mother is one of the happiest moment in a women’s life, but the fast pace life has changed the way things work. A woman does not need to wait for a doctor’s test to know whether they are pregnant or not. Simple faint lines of pregnancy test can do it in comfort and privacy of home.

Pregnancy tests are easy, reliable and best friend of women who don’t want to visit a doctor for a false alarm. The test of pregnancy is DIY and can show results in a matter of a few minutes, but not every detail written on the pregnancy tests. There are few things you most know if you are going to take a pregnancy test to confirm.

  1. Beware of Doppelgangers

There are two types of test available in the market, and both of them work for pregnancy. The test to predict the ovulation and the test to check the pregnancy are same in packaging but work differently. Beware and confirm what you are buying at the time of purchase to make sure you have what you want.

  1. Pregnancy Test Never Shows False Positive

No pregnancy test shows the false result. It is just a misconception that the pregnancy result shows false positive, but in reality, the pregnancy test shows the true result.

The truth is, not all of the beginning of pregnancies sees the end of it. A false positive happen when you took a pregnancy test at a very early stage and later it didn’t hold to make it through nine months.

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In case your pregnancy test shows a positive result, and you have no idea how far you are in your pregnancy. Consult your doctor and get the expert advice as soon as possible.

  1. Expensive Doesn’t Mean Effective

It is a common conception that the higher the cost betters the quality and effectiveness, but it is not the case all the time. An expensive test is not always the best one so does not run behind the cost of the test and select the best one.

The most common one is with a strip that changes color to indicate the result, and it is not expensive but shows the right result.

  1. Time of Day May Affect Your Result

The pregnancy test checks the HCG in the urine, which confirms the pregnancy. The amount of HCG in urine change throughout the day, which means the result of your pregnancy test will also vary. Your test may show a negative result if you take the test at the night time.

Sometimes taking the test too early in the pregnancy also result in negative. It is best to take the test early in the morning when you urinate after sleeping the whole night. Early morning is the time when your urine has the highest amount of HCG, and your test will show accurate results.

  1. No Pregnancy Test Shows Gender of the Baby or How Far You Are

You should know before taking a pregnancy test that no pregnancy test shows the gender of the baby as well as how far you are. It is impossible to know the gender of the baby and how far you are through the DIY pregnancy tests because they simply check the HCG which only tells if you are pregnant or not.

  1. When in Doubt Always Seek Help

When you have any doubt regarding the DIY pregnancy test and the results of the test, and then consult your ob-gyn. It is always good to be on the safe side when it comes to pregnancy because there is another life we are talking about.

DIY pregnancy tests are one of the easiest ways to find out whether you are pregnant or not. You can always prepare homemade pregnancy tests at your home which are inexpensive as well as give you the privacy.

A pregnancy test with sugar is quite popular as well as show effective result in most cases. To take the pregnancy test by using sugar follows these simple steps.

  1. First, take two to three spoons of sugar in a bowl.
  2. After taking sugar in the bowl, urinate in it.
  3. Wait for a few minutes and check if the sugar is dissolved in the urine or not.
  4. If the sugar is dissolved in your urine then most likely you are not pregnant.
  5. If the sugar in the urine doesn’t dissolve, then chances are you are pregnant and better consult your doctor.
  6. This test is more accurate when you use your first urine of the morning over sugar.
  7. It is said that the first urine in the morning has a high concentration of HCG which is the main component in deciding whether you are pregnant or not.

Becoming a mother is the most beautiful gift of God to a woman. Pregnancy tests available in the market are the easy, reliable and safe option to check whether you are pregnant or not.

Ellen Cone