President Trump successfully wins the federal court’s votes to disband Obamacare.

Last Friday morning, the United States President ended up the hopes of many as Donald signs the tax bill into a case that wipes the penalties of a person’s mandate. Also, the president successfully touted the most significant legislative achievement of his term. The president concluded the speech was saying that the country had importantly revocated the law.

After New Year celebration, the new implementation of the law will charge penalties to the people who did not purchase insurance protocols that are not yet approved by the United States. The debate on Obamacare is ongoing by a series of months with the involvement of other senators like Susan Collins and John McCain.

President’s sabotage

More than 8.8 million of U.S citizen customers enrolled in Obamacare since last week. Even with the denial of the said law, the significant numbers slightly goes down by an estimate of five percent. But according to SeemaVerma, the enrollment numbers of Obamacare may grow in the next few weeks to come. Seema is the administrator of CMMC (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), which was also assigned by President Trump.

Senator’s Prediction about the President’s Move

The United States Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said that they would let this move pass. But next year, they will try again to repeal and have a substitution on the said bill. Earlier 2017 Mitch failed to delete and change Obamacare with a decision of 52 – 48.

What’s the Next Move?

After the United States Republican wins triumphantly over the case, the House Speaker list out the plans for the upcoming year. Paul Ryan R-Wis told the reporters that welfare, entitlement reform, and healthcare would be the main priorities of the current administration. Ryan thinks that the efforts that these people are not pretty good and it needs a little push.

According to the politician’s interview with Stephen Hayes which is a Weekly Standard member, the house speaker expresses his disappointment because the healthcare issue is still not done. Before the day ends, the house majority must prioritize on finding the cause of this problem which probably is the health inflation rates and the entitlements. R-Wis ends the full interview saying that the welfare reformation will be the next step.

More issues coming

Last two days ago, the Second federal court of the United States stopped the president Trump’s attempt to bring back Obamacare’s policy about the offering of birth control with no cost on it. The United States district court of California’s northern district head said the impulsive decision of the president bothers them.

The judge on the said district also found out that the Trump administration are rushing about the two rules to immediately affect in the country, which caused the public having insufficient time to comment on it. Also, the home health agencies in Houston will even have problems on inputting exciting parties before the passing legislation.


With this back to back issues and laws coming in the United States, it is hard what is right and what is wrong. With a close gap of arguments and decisions being released by the court, it will be a matter of time to implement it and still a lot more way to go for the Senate to stop it.

Dee Jones