Preventing Accidents at Home Is As Important As Having Accident Insurance

Accidents happen all the time, and that’s why we have health insurance to help cover the costs. But for many of us, even health insurance is not enough. That’s why we sometimes check and compare accident insurance quotes from insurers.

But these measures aren’t enough either. You can get into road accidents and accidents at work. You can even get into an accident at home. While there may not be much you can do at work and on the road except being careful, at least at home there are several preventive measures you can implement.

Here are a few of the basic precautions to minimize the chances of an accident at home:

  1. Keep rugs in place. Loose rugs can move around can cause people to slip and fall. You can buy rugs with slip-resistant backing, or secure your rugs with double-sided carpet tape or non-slip pads.
  2. Wipe up spills right away. Spilled liquids such as water and grease are major causes of spills, as they’re not easy to see. So wipe them up right away to remove the hazard.
  3. Clean up after toys. Kids may leave toys in hallways and other areas where people can trip or slip on them. So you either teach your children to pick up after themselves, or you need to check to make sure that their toys are stored away properly after the kids are done with them.
  4. Inspect your hot water heater. Sometimes the hot water from the shower can be too hot and cause burns, especially for children and the elderly. Make sure the temperature doesn’t get that hot, so keep it to 120 degrees F at the most.
  5. Keep electrical appliances away from water. This may seem obvious, but it still happens. So keep your electronics away from the bathtub.
  6. Put in grab bars in the shower. The shower, with the smooth tiles and the presence of soapy water, is a prime place for accidental slips. That’s true for everyone, and even more so for the elderly. Grab bars can really help minimize the risk.
  7. Keep dangerous stuff away. These include power tools, cleaning products, and especially firearms. You may also want to keep your medicines, matches, and certain knives from the reach of young children. A high cabinet will do, although for firearms you need locks.
  8. Practice stair safety. This means you should install a handrail along the full length of the staircase, and you don’t put rugs at the top or base of the steps. You need to make sure that the surface of the steps offer some traction, and you may want to paint the edges of the steps to make sure they can be easily seen.

Accidents at home can lead to serious injuries, missed work, and extensive medical bills. With these precautions and by having the right insurance coverage, you can minimize the risks and financial burdens in case you do get into an accident.

Ellen Cone