The process of HIV testing

HIV infection is very bad since it can reduce the life span of a person to nine to eleven months if it is not properly treated. The HIV infection can be present in certain body fluids like that of the semen, pre seminal fluid, blood and also vaginal fluid when they come in contact with the mucous membrane. These viruses also spread through the body wither by two ways that is the cell to cell transmission or through direct affected cells. This HIV virus is transmitted from one person to person so the faster you start to take measures for it the better it will be for you and also for your loved ones.

Some facts about HIV tests

  • There are several clinics that provide free HIV test facilities which you can find over the Internet.
  • The method of testing a person for HIV purpose is a simple method since it involves taking a small sample of your blood or oral fluid.
  • There are various types of HIV tests that are performed. Some test will give you result within twenty minutes whereas certain other tests are send to the lab so it will take longer time maybe few weeks even.

The place to go for doing the HIV test

The place where you live will decide where you can get the best facility for doing the HIV test. The first step is to do an online search with your location to find a proper HIV testing centre. You can also take help of a local sexual heath charity or health authorities who will help you to find a proper clinic to get your test done. Some valid options are:-

  • There are testing and voluntary counselling sites which have HIV or sexual health service specialists.
  • There are also certain youth drop-in centres.
  • There are certain community testing sites in workplaces, schools or religious facilities.
  • There are health clinics and hospitals.
  • Family planning and antenatal clinics
  • Drug and alcohol services

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Types of HIV tests

The third generation antibody tests

The 3rd generation testing is done to find HIV antibodies. In this kind of test the HIV can be detected after being exposed to three months. This test is highly reliable and it takes a few days to a few weeks to reveal the result.

The fourth generation antibody or antigen tests

The 4th generation antibody or antigen test is done to detect the HIV antibodies and also the p24 viral proteins that are also known as antigens. The HIV virus is detected after it has been exposed for one month. This test is highly reliable and the result is obtained between a few days to a few weeks.

Rapid test

The rapid testing is done to detect HIV antibodies and they are detected after being exposed for three months. You will get the result within twenty minutes but it is mostly satisfactory for uncomplicated infections.

Self-testing kits

These self-testing kits are used to detect HIV antibodies after they are exposed for three months. In this kind of test you will get the test result within twenty minutes and the result is satisfactory but it must be later followed up at a Healthcare clinic.

The level of accuracy of each kind of HIV tests

Those HIV tests which are quite modern have high rate of accuracy. There are many kinds of HIV test procedure that is already explained in the above section. A person who is going for a HIV test procedure should be consult a health aware provider before doing it so that the health worker can explain to the person about the different kinds of tests and also the methods. The most normal way to take a test is to take a sample of blood from either your finger or arm. One might give a sample of their oral fluid for testing purpose.

The level of accuracy of a HIV test also depends on the time range within which the result of the test is produced. When you are taking a rapid test then you will get the result within 20 minutes also a self-testing kit test also requires only 20 minutes but there are certain other kinds of test that will take longer time.  

Ellen Cone